iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

Have it…it good.

Everything you have to clean is marked with yellow plastic so it’s easy to find. Nice Roomba Lady Voice tells you when something is wrong (brushes or sensors need cleaning).

The only thing I was disappointed about was that the dogs had no issue with it at all…was kinda (ok, REALLY) hoping for mayhem but instead just got meh.

My cat likes to play a little game we like to call “let’s get roomba hyper!!!”

She swats at the top of him until he comes to life and starts to chase her around!

It’s soooo cute to watch!

But sometimes he’s a BAD ROOMBA and leaves his brush on the floor…

Gonna have to get around to brush training him some day

I bought a Roomba 530 Refurb from woot a few months back, its still going strong and picks up so much stuff I miss :smiley:

Plus, underneath that Darker Tan shielding is a data port to hack around with :slight_smile:

I have the Pet Series at home, slightly different model, but still a 500 Series Roomba and it works Great!

Also, the 400 Series Virtual Walls that have been sold here in the past DO work with my 500 Series Roomba.

I have one basic 400 roomba and one refurb roomba scheduler. The basic one had one year warranty and I had to send back around 8 months of use(as the brush kept on running even after docking) and got a refurb/new one from the irobot. That one and the refurb one are doing fine for the last one year.

So, I guess one year warranty is required (at least 50% of the time!)

Note that these units have many sensors, IR, etc. and though built quite rugged, warranty is required.


Anyone know when we’re going to see a sixth-gen Roomba? Engadget had a pretty good review of the newest competitor. I can’t imagine iRobot wants to be outgunned for long.

Given this, I’d woot this in a heartbeat if my 4th-gen wasn’t still going strong. Roxorz surprise from my first BOC three years ago.

We love our Roomba.

The most difficult part is keeping Roomba clean.

I have been wanting one of these for a while, but I wonder how well it deals with any obstructions- cat box in the corner, kitchen chairs… if I have to move all this stuff any way, I may as well vacuum.

I’d love to see a dyson on here though- especially the handheld.

I have one of the original Roomba, purchased maybe 8 years ago or so? Whenever it first came out…

I recently resurrected it when Fry’s had the battery on sale for cheap ($30). Then one of the treads fell off, but it was a quick fix: $10 for a new pair. And then it developed the circle dance, a common ailment. But there are plenty of web guides for that and I fixed it only to have the side brush fall clean off. Side brush is another $10 or so but I haven’t ordered it yet since it still does a fine job.

I’m tempted to get another one for upstairs.

I bought one of these for my dad (who is a pain to shop for) and he uses it constantly.

I find it quite amusing to watch it roll around and drive into things.

He just hits it on his way out of the door for work and it’s charged up and ready to go again by the time he gets back.

As far as I know, it still works (been about a year)

Was LeeLoo short for Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat?

I wooted one of these a year or so ago . . . same model, also a refurb. A bumper sensor/mount busted within about four months. It was a known issue, and it was just outside the 90 day warranty. I got no sympathy from iRobot - just a bunch of emails from them offering to sell me another one.

Was only 129.99 over 1 year ago.


I have two roombas one upstairs and one in my acrylic shop downstairs. The first and one still running strong is from woot. She loves the acrylic dust.

Does anyone know how this does on hardwood floors? My current vacuum doesn’t do a great job and I’m tired of sweeping every day.

90 day warrenty?? Nah. Just saw the ad at the bottom of the page for roomba blow out deals and bought a roomba dirt dog for $129.95, unconditional lifetime guarantee at Hammacher Schlemmer. Free shipping by putting ROOMBARV.


I know she’s made to be strong, but she’s also so fragile, so human. Know what I mean?

And a big Woot! to NightGhost - 800 quality posts! Congrats.

These are worth every penny! I have 3 and all were purchased right here on Woot. They do pick-up very well. For a pet owner these are a must. These do a great job sucking up the pet hair. You will have to clean it after every use, maybe every other use, but that doesn’t take any longer than it does to wind up the power cord on an upright.

I’m glad to see these tonight. I was worried after not seeing them during the Woot-off that Woot and iRobot might have parted ways. Lucky for all of us that they haven’t.

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I will never buy another woot referb roomba again. I have bought 2 referbs and both of them died and i had to call irobot to get them fixed.