iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

I have this exact model. works great for guinea pig shavings when we cleans him out. does a great job everywhere except the linoleum floor in the kitchen.

lately the battery has started acting a little funky, but it’s been 2+ years of odd charging schedules.

i got it two years ago from woot, for about the same price.

Wait… was it the Roomba, or your old roomate whom you called Leeloo?

Love the Roomba I got from WOOT about a year ago. I ordered a cleaning tool
Here, and clean it every other use.
Now I see they have some black strips to place where you don’t want the roomba to go. It tricks it into thinking there is step so it turns away. Does anyone know whether one could substitute plain felt or some other black material?

Buy the Roomba! It speaks in happy & sad musical tones. Might just be your new best friend.

Ah, a Roomba!

It’s been a while…

We’ve had three. All bought on Woot.

First (the original 4296) lasted well over a year until my mother tried to insert a brush a wrong way and succeeded, busting the housing…

The second one was new 418, not refurb - and died after very short life span. Never bothered to try sending it for warranty, because it was a good excuse to upgrade to 500 series…

Third one - this exact model 530, from exactly 1 year and 2 days ago (and was $10 cheaper!!!) is still going strong!

They are truly amazing…

But I have to warn you!
You are buying this to save time by having it vacuum while you go about your business (or even away). And eventually it will work out that way… But keep in mind: all the people I know who bought one - wasted hours and hours on the first few runs sitting out there and watching it do its thing! Quite a show, I should tell you!

So remember the time saving factor is going to kick in about a month or so, and before that - it’s going to be a big time wasting machine!

We bought one of these last year as part of our investment in refinished hardwood floors. To keep grit from being ground into the new surface, we wooted.

We have two Golden Retrievers that shed so much they could form their own carpet in a week. Roomba struggles with the pet hair. Beeeeep-boooop. “Please remove and clean Roomba’s brushes.”

iRobot has a Roomba supposedly designed for pet hair, with different brushes and a big dirt bin, but I haven’t seen any on Woot.

But clean out the pet hair and send it on its way. Works fine. On the hardwood floor. It’s amazing how much grit it picks up every day.

But we quit using it on the carpet because there’s just too much hair.

We had some problems when we first got it, but iRobot was great help in troubleshooting, and they sent us some free parts.

I bought mine via woot a little less than a year ago. I love it!

Tip: Register your Roomba on the iRobot website, and they’ll email you a code you can use for replacement brushes, filters, or whatever other accessories you may need. I ended up buying another virtual wall. It’s so much more convenient than strategically placing trash cans and furniture around the house to block off rooms.

Welp, broke down and bought one for myself.

Should work nicely in my new apartment I’m moving into soon.

I bought this model the last time it was offered and I love it! It’s much easier to clean than my older model. I like to watch it zip under the sofa and clean.

It is perfect for hardwood floors. The battery lasts longer because there is less friction. The Roomba’s little brushes pickup all the dust bunnies and random bits that roam the plains of hardwood.

The only issue we have seen is that, sometimes when it climbs onto the area rug, it leaves a little lint scraped off of the bottom of its intake.


There’s some kind of EMF emitter in the center of the big CLEAN button. It causes the stares.

FYI, the Dirt Dog is not a vacuum, it’s a sweeper. Depending on your house and what type of carpets you have, if any, it may or may not do the job for you.

Here’s a link that talks about the Dirt dog versus the regular roombas a bit:

How do I make my Roomba stop the circle dance? I was out of town for a week and when I came back Rosie started just that. I thought maybe the cats beat her up when the house sitter was away.

Bought one of these 8 months ago. Not bad. Does a great job on hardwood floors. Only complaint is that you need to make some mods to keep dust out of the brush gears.

Otherwise after about 6 months of use you will start to get a brushes need to be cleaned error.

Now my wife and I will sit and watch the Roomba do the floor work. I agree its not going to be a time saver. Will we have to stop it from falling down the stairs?

Let’s see, Roomba and “I, Robot” – they BOTH suck

((except for the book))

Roomba si!
Ella quiere si Roomba (Como)
Roomba si!
Ella quiere si Roomba (Como)

Si es verdad que tu eres guapa,
Yo te voy a poner gozar
Tu tienes la boca grande
dale ponte a jugar (Como)

Uno-dos-tres-cuatro (Woooo-ooo!)

Let her do the stairs…

I have two…both dead. Just would not hold a charge or work worth a van damme. I think I will call them both ROBOMA, because they too are useless!

The way I see it, you missed it by one character:


After reading more maybe I use the virtual wall to stop it from going down the stairs or the amazing electronics will stop it from taking the dive off the stairs. I’ll just have to sit and watch it.