iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall


It’s like having an old friend back for a visit…

it is a cat toy

Woot should change it’s name to Roomba

Tons of WootKillers

Exactly how many iRobot vacuum cleaners does woot have in the warehouse? They are for sale more than any other product. They should release a mega-iRobot vacuum in the iRobot warehouse and sweep them all up and be done with them.


Got one several woots ago and loved it. Forced me to clean under my bed so da-roomba could go under there and clean for me. One of the kids tried to ride it and burnt out the motor. IRobot sent a replacement no questions asked.

Tons of WootKillers.

So a refurbished robotic vacuum?



since i am wayyy to lazy to search, how does this roomba compare to the 540?

i purchased the 540 for my parents and they LOVE it… how would this little guy fair against a “shedless” dog?

fyi the dog sheds, just not as much as say a golden reliever (r.i.p. billy mays)

Does it respond to voice commands?

How large of a space can it clean on a charge?
I’ve probably got 700 square feet on each floor, and I don’t mind taking it upstairs and down.

Does this climb walls and challenge me to late night Call of Duty matches? I NEED TO KNOW!

It’s best to get one for each floor. Please have 3 floors.

I recommend buying a SquareTrade warranty with this since it’s a refurb.

Get 30% the SquareTrade warranty with this coupon code: FALL

btw: I love my roombas :slight_smile:

If you already have or don’t want a roomba, just buy one and make DJ Roomba!


Now, it’s officially a Woot-off.