iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

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Ah, it’s a Rommmmmba day @ Woot!!!

So… should I start telling my Roomba story all over again, or do I just point you towards what I’ve said last time it was up?

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iRobot Roomba 530 Vacuum cleaner, undocking, cleaning, docking

irobot roomba 530 demo on tons of dirt!!!

This thing is absolutely wonderful if you have children! We had one (until it broke for some reason) And our house actually looked clean especially with our little ones! This is a must with kids… The way kids eat (and they eat everywhere) this thing is a life saver!

Read the manual here.

I love my Roomba! Yes, I bought it on Woot.

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I own one ! Its the greatest thing since peanut butter. Not a perfect job on rugs since it doesn’t have the suction of a regular vacuum but does a great job of removing dust and light soil from hardwood floors. Todays purchase is a Christmas gift.I’ve been watching the Woot for this to come up …now it’s mine :slight_smile:

i have this exact model, thought i got it for about this price from normal.woot more than two years ago. (nevermind: apparently not from woot as it’s not in my account)

My previous insight on this model:

I have this exact model. works great for guinea pig shavings when we cleans him out. does a great job everywhere except the linoleum floor in the kitchen (i think it’s too slippery, as it doesn’t even track straight there).

lately the battery has started acting a little funky, but it’s been 2+ years of odd charging schedules.

i got it two years ago from woot, for about the same price.

Also: it’s great; works well. however I’ve had to replace the side brush (standard maintenance) and the brush assembly (brushes underneath stopped spinning; were covered by warranty) considering an upgrade to a higher 500 series next time woot has one.

anyone know if this works fine on concrete floors? we have smoothed over concrete and I assume its the same idea as hardwood, but just want to check. Thanks!

How do these do with pet hair? I have hardwood floors that I have to sweep every day due too the shed from a dog and two cats.

This could be a big timesaver if it deals with pet hair effectively

I have been waiting for roomba day for so long. I have a dog and she doesn’t shed too much… BUT I HATE VACUUMING!

Be still my heart.

My job as a stay at home mom just got a lot easier!

in for one! Been waiting for one on here for a while, can’t beat it for $139

Thinking of getting it to vacuum my dog’t pet hair which is on the hardwood floor 5 minutes after i vacuum. How does it work for this? And also, can it vacuum up the whole dog if I want it to? Maybe I will just train it to follow her around…

Buy Happier has the 560 refurb for sale at $229 (includiung there 3 year extended warranty). Have been looking for Woot to get a scheduler 500 series for a while).

Apparently you can schedule the 530 via PC, but I would rather have it work on its own.

Here is a link to the 530 schedule information:

Works GREAT on pet hair!! I have two of these, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. We have no tumbleweeds under the couch anymore!

Totally works on concrete floors, dog hair, hard floors…My husband has purchased 5+ roombas in the last 2 years. LOVES THEM! (not an exaggeration)