iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

Every time these come up on Woot, I want to buy one - but my wife refuses to have one in the house - I think she’s robophobic.

zzzzzzz…I don’t want to go to bed

PLEASE SOMEONE…SOMEONE BUY at least a dozen of these

What rhymes with Roomba?

I better brew a pot of coffee…this could take a while!

I just figured it out: they got new Woot!Off lights because it’s Flag Day!

I smell a woot … off … :slight_smile:

This is like consumer christeenmess. I have so much stuff in my apartment, it’s in shambles!

But seriously, when are they going to put roobma chargers up on there? My little robot army is not charging itself!!!

I bought one. You’re welcome.

What was the price on this earlier this month? If memory serves it was $149.99 but Wootalyzer didn’t catch it…

Or someone deleted the Wootalyzer post. But who would do that…and why?

How about buying another one?

In for 1. You are welcome folks. That is all I can to get this one moving along though.

Bought 1 of these from Woot around 1.5 years ago but it died a few months ago. Worked well until it didn’t (very happy I got the SquareTrade warrenty :slight_smile: )

I don’t have this exact model but my Roomba easily handles “crumbles”. They do indeed pick up pet hair too but you’ll probably be cleaning the brushes fairly frequently. iRobot sells models more specifically geared toward pets but this model should do just fine.

Thank you!


We need a ‘support’ group. We could meet every week and watch a Roomba vacuum up singles.

You can dance if you want to…

You’re supposed to buy 3 of them homeskillet!

Posted this the last time the 530 was up. Although it’s a “non-scheduling” model, it indeed can do scheduling with a little computer wizardry and a $20 cable.

You’ll need a cable from here and instructions can be found in this thread.

Aside from the scheduling and accessories included there’s no difference between this and the more expensive 500 variants.