iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

Bought this last time it showed up. Still waiting for it to arrive…

Washington and Colorado seem to love the Roombas!

I already don’t need one, and asplainin’ to the Mister why I bought three would prove much more difficult than is worth succumbing to the peer pressure here. :smiley:

Woot should have waited one more day. Payday is on the 15th.

Only one purchase per account so I guess it’s your turn. :tongue:

OMG I wootwd and gotthe roomba! Again! WHEEE

Seriously, how can you woot and not get a roomba?

I own one of these from a woot off many moons ago.

The charging station never worked - I called and had it replaced, the new one didn’t work either. At that point the novelty of a robot cleaning my floor had worn off and I didn’t try to get it replaced yet again.

Buy it, marvel at the novelty - but don’t expect the charging thingy to work.

Side: Why exactly do you think they have so many of these available as refurbs? Oh right, cuz they break a lot…

Thanks! And the rest of you, you’re welcome! Let’s move this along, maybe I can get a virtual wall later?

Ever wonder why there are there so many refurbished Roombas?

Aw, snap! I don’t know if I can afford it. Maybe that unnecessary surgery can be pushed back a few weeks.

There ya go! That’s the team spirit!

Well it certainly doesn’t help that the garbage bin looks like a spot to place your hand when picking it up… resulting in the bin releasing, dirt and grime falling back onto the floor, and your roomba itself also falling to the floor from an average height of 4-5ft before the bin actually releases.

Note to new Roomba Owners: Always pick it up using the actual handle.

My Roombie died. It’s now merely a shell of its once sucklicious self. Not sure what went wrong … maybe we ignored it or something. You have to talk to them you know.