iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

never seen a roomba that faaast

It wouldn’t be a Woot Off with out Roomba!

I called this item… in the pet brush forum :slight_smile:

Okay, now it’s an official woot-off. All we need to confirm it is “dirt” and “leak-frogs”.

What The FU@CK!!!
Every time I click on “I want one” the page just refreshes… Missed the pet brushes, and the rumba… F@ck this!

We are less than three hours in and the first model of Roomba makes its mandatory Woot off appearance.

It’s because there is just ONE of them

Yeah, seriously. Woot is selling less than 10 of most of the items so far, it seems.

how much was it …?

$159.99, I believe. Possibly $149.99, but I don’t think so.

Possible issue with pop ups - check it out…

that’s kind of messed up if they only sell 1.