iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

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iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Wow, thought iRobot had gone belly up. Apparently not

Picked this one up last Woot! Off…nice refurb, I did have to call iRobot for some help and they took care of it immediately.

Finally a roomba for all the people who have posted they want one!

I’ve had three roombas. None have lasted more than 1 year. Won’t buy another. My best friend has also had problems with roombas not lasting long. Nice idea but they don’t last.

Does anyone know how long the battery lasts in one of these?

Im somewhat new, are woot-offs normally two days? or is it just WOOT goes until they feel like it kind of thing?

wow I know these work good but how many vacuums do we need to see?

Come on Woot, how bout something good up there!

I LOVE my Roomba! Own this model and it has become part of the family.

Yay! The Roombas are back! Too bad we never keep our house picked up enough to where this would be effective.

I got this refurbished model a few months ago and I’m loving it.

i think this could have something to do with the whole acquired by amazon thing. now they have ALOT more junk to sell(from amazon warehouse sales) and any reason to have 3 BOC on a wootoff is a good thing

Got it. BOOM

How does this compare with the 560?

Generally they are just one day events. But they are known for having two day Woot-offs (such as this one). I even remember a 3 day Woot-off… but those are rare- very rare indeed.

I got about 2 years out of my battery on one of the 400 series models.

I inherited one from my grandmother and have been using it on the first floor of my house. I love it. It does a great job except whenever the brushes get filled with dog hair and need cleaned. It just turns off. I just wooted and got one for my 2nd floor - thanks woot!

They can be one or two days usually. Two days seem to have happened more often this year. I’ve even seen some three-day ones around the holidays. BOC is usually on the last day, so probably will be up sometime today (unless this is a three-day, but I doubt it).