iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum
Price: $189.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $19 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, May 29 to Friday, May 30) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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User manual:

I can’t believe they’re still selling these things!
The batteries fail quickly. They don’t clean worth a darn. They can’t climb an area rug.

The Scooba doesn’t clean any better; in fact WORSE. It jams, clogs, and quickly fails to dispense liquids at all. Then it takes longer to clean IT out than it would have taken to mop the floor yourself.

I have recycled both my Roomba and Scooba – total garbage.

I own two roombas. They work great on hardwood floors and carpet, but they do not last long if you have a long haired dog(we have a newfoundland). Requires brush cleaning every ten minutes with long dog hair…will last for a whole clean if you only have short hair cats and dogs. I shudder every time I hear: duh da “error 2: open roomba’s brush cage and clean brushes”…


Ah the “duh da of death”. I usually get two/two and a half cleaning before I have to disassemble and de-hair Roomba. However, it isn’t the dog with the long hair. Human hair gets wound so tight I have to use scizzors to get it working again.

You should look into getting the red brush cleaner that comes free with the pet versions of roombas, you slide the brush through and it rips the hair out without scissors. You still have to use scissors (or even better…a wrapping paper cutter) on the rubber brush…but that’s way easier to clean than the broom brush.

I’ve had several and they are all cheap chinese crap. Plastic gears in the brush drive, suck up cat hair, brushes have to be cleaned every time. I’ve had to take the drives apart. I’ve found them far more work than doing the vacuuming yourself. If you have no pets they may work for you, but if there is any hair to clean up they aren’t worth it. I agree the Scooba sucks as well. I’ve had nothing but trouble with the one I’ve had. Nicad batteries, enough said…

I found one of these at Goodwill once. Perfect working condition and included all the accessories. $35. Man I wish they were that cheap everywhere else!

Bought this exact model refurbished on Woot for $164 on May 26 2012. To this day, it still works.

Clearly most of you are not cleaning this thing enough. I have a mixed breed dog that sheds a ton. All different size hairs. Sure it gets tangled up, but I clean it after every few uses.

It’s not meant to replace a Dyson. It’s meant as a neat little floor cleaner that can also entertain cats and dogs.

How dare you talk smack about Jeeves, my Roomba. The key to battery life=always keep it charged. Do not just let it hang out somewhere once done with cleaning, make sure it back in the charge, or, plugged directly in. I have a shedding dog, no problem. Turn it on everyday, go out, come back, full of dirt, dust dog hair, etc. Boo hoo, you have to clean the brushes sometimes. Just use the afro pick that comes with it; or, go ahead, and push some ancient electric broom stick around, and have fun with that. Have tile floor and area rugs, and, Jeeves does well on his own, covering 500 sq feet, while I am out frolicking.

Roombas are funny things.

We wooted two different models in 2009, one as a gift because we enjoyed the first one so much. Other family members bought them after seeing ours. I even saw them on sale in Kazakhstan in mid-2011. Sadly, however, after a few years the first one wouldn’t function properly despite cleaning, and the cost to send it for repair was approximately equal to today’s woot. The others have also been left to gather dust in closets after the novelty value wore off. A friend who’s a buyer at Costco said a few years ago that they were a top-selling, but also most frequently returned, item. I understand why. Love the concept, but the execution and followup doesn’t cut it.

Biggest problem I’ve had with mine is that the IR LED that’s used in the wall bumper sensors goes dimmer over time and eventually the Roomba thinks it’s always hitting a wall on one side or the other. Look around you’ll find instructions and part numbers to replace the emitter-detector pair. Buy two and replace both of them when one side goes because you’ll be replacing the other side soon after. Besides, being able to disassemble and repair your Roomba helps you feel accomplished.

Long dog hair plays havoc with the gears in the brushes but now we have a Weim and his short hair gets swept up without going into the gears.

I’ve owned three roombas over the last 9 years. Yes, the batteries eventually die, yes, they may soon grow too clogged to do any decent job, but the alternatives are wasting half my Saturday vacuuming or hiring a maid service at $120/visit.

So, in for another one. I’ll name this guy Sparky IV.

Got this model in 2007, and really liked it. Although cleaning it out (brushes, etc.) to my satisfaction was a little time-consuming, it still saved me a lot of time every week.

The battery did go kaput sooner than I expected, but soon thereafter I moved to a place where it wouldn’t have been reasonable to Roomba (strange room/hallway configuration would have confounded the thing without several more of the “virtual walls”), so I sold it.

Because of the battery longevity, I’m not sure how good of a deal a refurb is unless a new battery was part of its overhaul. (Replacements are $30-$60 plus shipping.)

Roomba!!! I miss them so much, old woot users will understand my feelings :’(

This exact model was the first for me of the new 500 series. It was a BIG change from the 400s in terms of reliability. It’s been running for two years on the same battery, which for a Roomba is remarkable. YES the batteries fail. Then you buy a new one. You can buy a Li Ion if you like. Anyway, I brought this one to my boyfriend’s house. He didn’t think ne needed or liked Roombas. Now he loves it, and it keeps up with my three big short-hairs dogs just fine.

Wow, I feel exactly the opposite. I bought a Roomba from Woot almost 3 years ago now. I am not sure what series it is but I am pretty sure it is older than this one. It is still going strong. I am thinking about buying one today to put in storage for the day my poor Roomba dies. We love our Roomba. We have all types of floors, hardwood, tile, carpet, linoleum and we use it on all of them and are very happy with how well it works. We do have to clean the brushes every few runs, but that is a lot less work than vaccuuming the house myself. We have 2 kids and a dog and I run the Roomba on almost a daily basis. I will never go back to a conventional vaccuum.