iRobot Roomba 535 Robotic Vacuum with Lighthouse Technology

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iRobot Roomba 535 Robotic Vacuum with Lighthouse Technology
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 iRobot Roomba 535 Robotic Vacuum with Lighthouse Technology and Self-Charging Home Base

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New iRobot Roomba 535 Robotic Vacuum with Lighthouse Technology, for $149.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x iRobot Roomba 535 Robotic Vacuum with Lighthouse Technology and Self-Charging Home Base

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Grandmother has this modle and it works like a charm. We have the 550! Go Roomba

They are c.r.a.p!!! Mine quit after 6 months of light use.

Ever wonder why they have so many roombas? And most of them are retreads??!?!?

Fun to watch, but they suck (No pun intended)

Roomba’s always get good reviews. But do people actually buy them from woot? THat’s one of the things I’ve always wondered about.

I love my roomba, but it is certainly inefficient at cleaning. This lighthouse technology, provided that it works well, seems to be just what a roomba needs.

Why you should buy two:

I don’t know about these things… honestly, they scare me. Anything that can go off on it’s own and suck up stuff in my apartment unmonitored is a little freaky to me… I’m wondering if this thing sucks up something it has no business and you scold it… will it run?

:-/ I + Robot = trouble in my book.

I got a similar model from woot-selloff a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it. These do a good job, and are amazing to watch. Good price for this one.

I got the last iRoomba from Woot. Cleans pretty good, but gets stuck very often and defeats the whole purpose of this vaccuum. Not impressed.

This is one of the later 500 series Roombas.

Most of the reviews report problems with durability and/or unsuitability for larger rooms…

There is a reason why these don’t sell out woot… it’s crap and a waste of money in my opinion. seriously you can’t be this lazy

One reason to get one.

do these work ok on tile floors? Or do they get messed up going over the grout grooves?

Say what you will about them, but except for a bad wheel sensor/motor on my 4150, which, if it was on a 500 series would only require me to swap out the one wheel, mine works like a charm. I would suggest if you have pets to get the pet brushes and/or the brush cleaner, as these pick up A LOT of hair, not only in the bin, but on the brushes.

I love my little girl, and that cats have even started to like her. Besides the brush cleaner, the other essential accessory I got on eBay was a remote. Makes it so much fun to chase the cats with.

Rookie. Talk to me in 6 months when yours dies and woot customer service tells you to stuff it.

I really really really want a roomba but I don’t know how it works on berber.

Does anyone have experience with a roomba and berber carpet?

I got the two pack last time they were here and I love them. One’s a little loud (older model) but they’re well worth the money. I’m paying the same for one now but it’s an upgrade to my current models. Now I get to reprogram my little red one without fear! Hopefully this one really will come with a docking station like the specs say. I wish woot would put up some scubas.

Oh…and I have long hair which does get caught in the brush but get a small, pointed, curved object to get those hairs out.

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