iRobot Roomba 535 Robotic Vacuum with Lighthouse Technology

how well does this work with pet hair? i have a malamute and it’s shedding season and I’m tired of vacuuming every day. :frowning: a little help would be nice.


How loud is this thing?

I got the 2-for-1 refurbs some time back. The battery in the first one died after about 5 uses. I-Robot kindly replaced it with a new one. We’ll see how long I get out of that.

I was just wondering if anyone knew if this new type is any improvement over the old ones - or is it just in a prettier design now?

I had a 580 for over a year without issue until it ran into some dog poop. I bought a replacement, and at about 6 months it stopped responding to the wireless command center, so I contacted them, they sent me a replacement WCC. That didn’t solve the problem, so they replaced the entire Roomba, all I had to do was ship mine to them in NY and wait 2 weeks. Cost me $12 and I had a brand new Roomba.

Maybe you’re doing something wrong.

I bought mine AND the one I got for my Mom for Christmas from Woot!. Except for the “virtual walls”, which I never tried, as I don’t have anywhere I don’t want it to go, it’s great!

Here is a quality post…

I find that my roomba gets stuff that my Oreck misses, and the Oreck misses stuff that the Roomba gets.

So, I run the Oreck in the evening, then let the Roomba run at night.

Excellent job of cleaning. We have a dog, and it’s a great way to clean up. I’m thinking about getting this one jsut to have one in the basement, too.

they are junk, so you kept buying them? FIVE of them? Genius…

Haha. the fourth one didn’t tell you that?

Save your money. Berber is a roomba’s biggest enemy!!!

I desperately want one of these… someone talk me into it!

My 14 month old is absolutely terrified of our upright vaccuum… how noisy/scary are these, relatively speaking?


Thank you.

You’re probably using it with loose, light carpets (mats) or rooms with lots of close obstacles. Those are the only things that will cause it to stop up.

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Using the lighthouse mode, it will only spend around 30-40 minutes in each “zone” before moving on to the next. A couple more lighthouses would need to be picked up to effectively break up a large space.

It’s good to note that the lighthouses can also be switched to plain 'ole virtual wall mode, also.

I have hardwood floors, which separate in the winter due to low-no humidity, which causes the wood to shrink. Roomba has NO problems with this. Not exactly grout, but just my 2 cents.

Does this not make sense or am I crazy?

I like these Roombas. I bought my first Discovery Model from Woot a few years ago, and was impressed. I was recently thinking about buying a newer unit for a different location, and here Woot is to save the day with another great deal. I’m in for my second Roomba thanks to Woot.