iRobot Roomba 535 Robotic Vacuum with Lighthouse Technology

Crappy or not, if nothing else, it looks pretty. For that alone, it’s tempting me.

I was wondering the same thing- my 15 month old, 2 dogs and 2 out of three cats are terrified of the vacuum. With all of those critters I gotta vacuum at least every other day…

anything from the roomba haters/lovers?

I guess noone has tile, and owns a roomba with tile… sigh…

Mine has gotten caught on my berber carpet where there was a small piece sticking up and pulled out a whole row! Happened to be under my bed, but be careful none the less!

Here is a review of the Roomba 535 that specifically mentions being used on Berber Carpet.

you forgot to offer fries with that… :-{

works great on tile

What model do you have? Red, Discovery, Sage, Scheduler? This one is a huge upgrade from all of those (I got a Discovery and a Red from the same woot as you)

Thank you!

if you have a best buy around, i’d recommend going over there and playing with their display model for an idea.

With the purchase of this one, I now own 4 roombas, 1 of which I bought over 14 months ago on woot. I have a lot of hardwood and tile floors and these work great especially the 5xx series.
I have 2 cats and they shed hair constantly, but no worries roomba takes care of that problem. You do have to take care of them, making sure the brushes are clear from time to time but otherwise just set the schedule and let them do their job. I highly recommend these, even my wife who is a technophobe loves them. For those people with rugs and carpets this product is probably not a good idea as the little fellas struggle a bit if they have to cover too much carpeted area.
Thanks Woot you made my evening.

Lot’s of people use them specifically to pick up pet hair. They work great for pet hair, but keep in mind that the more fur it picks up the more often you will need to clean the brushes.

It’s just redundant.

I got the last Roomba from woot also, I LOVE it. It does an amazing job and never gets stuck on anything. It gets stuff up that our Kirby doesn’t, so it gets two thumbs up from me.

If you get one definitely go for the square trade extended warranty. I have had several roombas and the POS rarely last more than a year. Right not I’M hassling iRobot to replace my 570 which is a year old this month. The battery has been steadily declining and was running only 20 minutes before it started only turning in circles and running backwards and won’t run at all.

This is a great price on it as far as I know, I paid a lot more for the 570.

Sorry…I’m getting flogged with comments I want to answer. You will have no problem on tile, I used one of them on the sidewalk and it did great (of course that was probably bad on the brushes).

Roomba works fine on the large tiles in my bathrooms with grout separation.

Have you tried the battery reset procedure?

Mine was a Discovery and a Scheduler. I really can’t tell the difference - they both work exactly the same as far as I can tell. In what sense is this one a “huge upgrade”?

I LOVE mine, not as loud as an upright. The dog just kinda watches at it, but doesn’t really seem to mind it.