iRobot Roomba 540 Robotic Vacuum

It’s so cute! I just want to glue fake lashes and googly eyes on it! Maybe also put some woot lights on the side for extra fun.

Here it is at Amazon with nice reviews.

Bought one of these from Woot during a Woot-Off several months ago. Works great and I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking to get a Roomba.

I just bought a “lesser”, refurbished model for only $40 less… damn you woot!

BTW, what’s the difference between this and the 530 I’d really love to return right now? lol

Here’s the manual.

found an iRobot “damaged box sale” with these features:

Roomba 540:

* 1 iRobot Roomba 540
* 1 Auto Virtual Wall (Require 2 C batteries, not included)
* 1 Self-charging Home Base
* 1 Power Supply (3 hour charge time)
* 1 Brush Cleaning Tool
* 1 Rechargeable Battery
* 1 Extra Filter
* 1 Extra Bristle and Beater Brush
* 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Roomba 530

* 1 iRobot Roomba 530
* 2 Compact Virtual Walls (Require 2 C batteries each, not included)
* 1 Compact, self-charging Home Base
* 1 Power Supply (3 hour charge time)
* 1 Brush Cleaning Tool
* 1 Rechargeable Battery
* 1 Extra Filter
* 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

It appears the difference is 1 less virtual wall, and addition of a “beater brush” and spares for carpets.


Roomba 540 has a lighthouse wall, which will lure the robot back to the base from the next room, whereas 530 has regular walls, which are used only to keep it in a room. Beater and bristle brushes appear to be upgrade to work better on carpets by beating the dust up out of the weave; I’m not sure it would be better for hardwood floors.

Some videos:



To those wondering what’s the difference between this and the 530 model that was up a few days back… Seems that 540 is a Costco model, which means same as regular, plus a few extras. In our case we have an extra set of brushes and a cleaning tool… Also it comes with Lighthouse virtual wall, rather than regular virtual wall, so it can do a little more “smart” cleaning. One example - you put lighthouse wall between two rooms, and your Roomba will not cross its path until it finished the first one, and then it will go on and do the second room. You can use up to three lighthouses to clean four rooms in a shot.

Other than that, I think they are pretty much equivalent. The cleaning mechanism, the motor, the tray, battery, etc should be the same, more or less.

This page has links to some blog articles on the Roomba 540. You may have to click twice. One is a Woot blog.

Here’s the discussion from that Previous Woot.

Oh man! I just got my 530 from the previous Woot sale TODAY! I bought a 2 year SquareTrade warranty - btw thanks to all who mentioned the discount code on the squaretrade warranty. The code that was mentioned before has expired, but WORKER is a new code I found for 30% off on SquareTrade warranties. :smiley:

I’ve got Roomba charging and planned to run it in the morning.

This is a much better deal. The lighthouses would be nice, although I don’t really care too much if I have to carry Roomba from one room to the next. But the lighthouse AND the extra set of brushes would make the price difference worth it for me.

meh. this sucks. I was so excited to get a new Roomba; I’ve got one of the original Roombas but it got caught when our house flooded several years ago and I never bothered to replace it.

Another difference between the 530 and 540 models is that the 530 doesn’t have any scheduling capabilities, whereas the 540 does, if you buy a not-commonly-available Wireless Command Center. Personally, the scheduling is a killer feature, and I love the 540 I bought several months ago during a woot-off just for that. I just empty it out every few days and occasionally I come home and it isn’t on its base so I have to figure out where it died or got stuck if it locked itself in a room or something. In for three, although I’m probably giving two away…probably.

For what it’s worth, I’m not sure if the Command Center will properly schedule multiple Roombas…but I suspect it will, since I remember reading that you could program a schedule for these 540s if you hacked together a serial port connection to a computer or something similarly cumbersome. The roomba should be able to maintain the schedule without the remote…I think.

Lulz. Nice write up. In enjoyed it. Good punch line too.

$10 more than the previous Woot - the 530 model recently offered on Woot’s main site was also $10 more than their previous offering. Damn you, Amazon!

If you have a pet that’s not house broken, I’d have second thoughts before purchasing one!

I regret buying the 530 now… :frowning:

my roomba lasted a year. Would not buy one again.

How is this on tile?

Does it last? I’m too broke to spend 179 on this if it’s gonna last only a couple of months…

is it worth getting a new roomba rather than a refurbished one?


Dear woot!gods,


With this I will no longer be mourning the death of my last roomba. (of whom left the world of the sane a week ago… he is missed terribly)

Life without him has just not been the same. It was so sad to see the little bugger go insane… I took him apart and cleaned him to see if maybe dirty sensors were the cause, however he still felt that he could only clean two feet in one direction, and then turn around and clean two feet in the other direction. Acting as though his bumpers or sensors were constantly being triggered, he simply wouldn’t act how he should. The paranoia he experienced was unbelieveable; always running away from something that really wasn’t there.

sigh So sad… so tragic.

Alas, I will retire the old fellow, and let him live out his part-supplying days in pieces.

Thank you again for filling the recently created void on my floor. :slight_smile:

Slightly Slapdash.