iRobot Roomba 555



I have this, although I think mine is a slightly different model # because the “555” is a UK model designation or something (if I remember from the discussion on a previous woot).

I use it regularly and like it. My current apartment is almost all one contiguous piece of carpet, and then faux tile/wood in the bathroom and kitchen, respectively, which makes it perfect for the Roomba.

I upgraded it with the AeroVac kit which changes the design/location of the filter within the bin. It does seem to pick up quite a bit more that way.


Soooo temping. I used to have a roomba and it broke (my fault, not the mfgrs). Best little guy ever… even named him. Robby, rest in peace.


Funny…when I walked in the house today I told my roomba I loved him…always so nice to come home to clean floors!


Love my Roomba! You can even program it!


The 555 comes with universal 120/240 charger. The problem I had with the refub roomba was that the battery given was a recon and didnt last as long. DIed on me within few months and it would not go back to base to recharge. The new roomba didnt have such issues. So refub is a bit of a crap shot.


I got one of these from moofi for the same price and it arrived yesterday. I’ve run it once.

Initially it was leaving little balls of cat hair here and there, but it eventually went back and got them.

The cat is not comfortable with it yet. For some reason every time she approached it the darned thing turned and started after her.

I didn’t have D cells for the virtual wall, but it worked fine with the one from my Scooba.

I let it run through four rooms and three hallways. It had no troule finding its way back to the dock.

The most adorable thing about it is that, after it plays its little start tune, it goes “beep beep beep” as it is backing off the dock. I don’t think that’s functional, since it just announced it was starting. I think it just does that to be cute.


Meh. The good…for one year this thing works like a charm. Does everything as mentioned here and advertised. The bad…like a Hyundai, after the warranty period (and freakishly close to said timeframe) it becomes confused. You call CS and they solve your problem. Awesome! For two weeks,then confusion sets in again. I have had two, and love/hate them. Gonna pass and try the Neato.


You are lucky your roomba worked at least a year. The lack of aerovac bin and the prospect of getting a recon dying battery is too daunting.


Ugh… down to 13%; thought we might finally get something worth buying… then up to 17% left… and now 26%.

Woot the heck?


Woot off killer


Geez - on 7 Sep the Roomba 555s were $199 for new ones, not refurbished.