iRobot Roomba 5th Generation Robotic Vacuum



Oh sweet. A roomba.


What is going on here? Why are things moving so quickly?


Everyone spending their tax money.


they are getting rid of small inventory, the knives that went so fast, they only had 1…


I would like a scooba please.


I own a 550 and love it, this is a great price for a current gen new Roomba.


Haven’t gotten my tax monies yet D:
Is it any good?


dont wait pull that trigger. I love mine, I have 3. just buy a good set of tweezers to clean it out regularly


Don’t worry this will slow them down…looks like they have lots of these things to unload.


Woot must own a large interest in Roomba!


Stuff went really quick overnight… small lots today for most stuff I guess…maybe a bigger lot of Bags of Fluff?


Well. for instance - there was only one knife to woot. boot toot root moot scoot etc etc


Dare I ask what a “Virtual Wall Lighthouse” is supposed to do?

Virtual Wall: Prevent your Roomba from falling down the stairs

Lighthouse: Prevent ships from crashing into rocky shoals

Virtual Wall Lighthouse: United States Department of Redundancy Department of the United States?


ooo this is a great deal! I would so get this if I weren’t buying a house right at this moment… I love my other one.


Roomba! Roomba! Roomba!


WOW A RHOOMA!! how unique a woot…


I have the same model, and it’s definitely nice to have. Doesn’t replace the good old upright vacuum cleaner, but makes it so you don’t need to use it as much.

Also, makes a great cat toy.



The yellow progress bar, that is.


Alll I gotta say is, you guys must have A LOT of these little boogers!