iRobot Roomba 620 Robotic Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba 620 Robotic Vacuum
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Where’s the cat seat? :o)

Buy a xiaomi robot cleaner if you’re going to buy a roomba. They’re cheaper and doesn’t fumble around the room.

All the ones that I have seen are way more expensive

Like twice the price…

I have this one and it’s good but it’s a “bump and go” robot, meaning that if you expect it to clean more than a room or two, it’ll probably just either stay in one room until it runs out of batteries or until it gets stuck.

There are a handful of ones with mapping capabilities out there like the lowest level Samsung bot and the various low level Neatos. I’d sooner opt for those.

I have a 900 series Roomba but I assume they all have some common failings.

The sensors for detecting cliffs/drop offs mistake black stripes as an abyss. So, if you have a rug with a black stripe over 1-2in wide it will not pass over it. What shows dirt the worst? Black.

This one says it will return to dock on its own, but if it’s like ours that is hit or miss also. If ours runs on schedule and doesn’t get stuck it’ll return home just fine (presumably because it can retrace it’s steps). However, if you have to move it to get it unstuck or save a charging cord from its gaping maw then it will most likely wander aimlessly until it dies. Even when told to go home it’ll wander in front of the dock, in line of sight, and just keep wandering.

I’ve emailed iRobot several times about some software issues they seem to be having but they don’t appear to have much interest in improving their products at the moment. I get the impression “it works well enough so don’t break it” is their mantra right now.

Those gripes aside, we like ours. It cleans just about every area of our house. Things like base boards and air filters take a noticeably longer time to accumulate stuff. I can’t say if allergies are better or not because my wife and I both have terrible allergies but I have to imagine getting at least a partial vacuuming 3 times a week helps. It doesn’t seem to mind our beagle’s shedding fur either.

It’s funny every time too.

If it matters to you, this version does not connect to your home Wi-Fi, and cannot be controlled via an app on your phone.

Does everyone adapt to buying only furniture that is at least 4" off the floor? I think of these as being for big suburban floor plans and really minimalist environments, not for older houses with small rooms and too much furniture.

I have an older Roomba somewhere; it ended up collecting dust (ironically), because it couldn’t get around the Morris chair, the ottoman, the mule chest, too many dining room chairs, etc, etc.

I’m waiting for nano-Roombas – maybe a flock of a dozen of them can descend on the narrow clearances in my rooms. Wait – let me get my utility patent in.

If you have pets that shed, stay away from this Roomba. The front pilot wheel constantly gets the hair it vacs up wrapped around the axle, causing it to stop spinning. This requires you to pop the wheel out of the housing, which wears out the mount point. After a while, the pilot wheel just falls right out, causing the Roomba to careen around without a front wheel. Between this and the Roomba’s propensity to seek out shoelaces, I’ve given up!

Yes and no. It greatly helps to have furniture like this. I live in a small, old house but we like more modern style furniture (Think like Ikea, but we have a mix of his, hers, and inherited furniture also). So, <1200sqft, 3br2ba, so a lot of small rooms and it’ll usually hit half or more of most rooms each day. Sometimes it gets stuck on the aforementioned black rug strip.

It doesn’t fully replace a regular vacuum, and it’s not supposed to really. It just gets the heavy traffic areas often enough to reduce the overall need for cleaning.

I don’t know. I know for me, I love having a Roomba even though my house is older and my furniture is older and it can’t get around everything. It’s still a huge improvement over the hand held vacuum. Especially considering it makes my children and I more aware of what is on the floor. We now make sure we put our shoes on the shoe rack rather then just kicking them off wherever. We no longer throw anything on the floor really. And, since we use the Roomba almost every day, anything that does get on the floor gets picked up…every day. It is more than a Robotic vacuum. It seriously helps with keeping things picked up too. Totally worth it. I do have to move furniture around a bit if I want it to get everywhere. I do have to pick it up and move it to where I want it to clean sometimes. But that is nothing. I highly recommend. Modern furniture or not.

We have a Roomba 805 and it works great. I’m thinking of getting this one for upstairs. Its really good for daily vaccumning. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, so it is really good for getting up pet hair on a daily basis, its amazing how much it gets up everyday. It does get stuck under our couch at times, but I’ve inserted some spacers under the front legs and it seems to be working ok now.
We do use our regular vaccumn once a week, but the Roomba does a good job everyday.

For $90 more you can get an 805 at Costco, sold as 860 for up to $500 elsewhere, and includes a 2nd wall. Li-ion battery still gives full run after a year. Wall much better, batteries last 9-12 months (the C cell ones, about 6 weeks). Navigation seems way better. I have 3 dogs including a husky, and I have maybe 5% of the hair tangles I had with the old 500 and 700 models. The 805 brushes are totally different than this 620, huge improvement. The 805 actually is an appliance, where the older models in many ways, more of an experiment, and the new ones below 800 series appear to be simply refreshes of the old ones. I did get good use out of the old ones, but they were way more demanding of time, parts, and batteries.

Not to mention Costco has a very liberal and virtually open-ended time limit return policy.

For that day when the Roomba begins doing the circle of death dance.

I received a call today on my cell phone, thought it was a telemarketer since the number was from a 317 area code. It was just 2005 Ireland calling for its children back.