iRobot Roomba 620 Robotic Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba 620 Robotic Vacuum
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3/14/2018 - $239.99

If you hate to vacuum, buy this right now. I have had this since September last year. One cat, one dog and two kids. I haven’t taken my expensive upright out of its closet more than once since i bought it. It takes a few times to figure out what it goes around or doesn’t suck up. ie, your phone chargers will get sucked in. And dog poop if you don’t crate your dog when its running while your not home… if i knew what i know now, i would buy it all over again. For all those husbands that are freaking out at the price, you start vacuuming every day. You wont hesitate to buy this.

As a husband who vacuums(-ed) every day, I concur. It’s near life changing.

But do NOT let the roomba get to any excrement, solid or otherwise. It’s worse than you imagine.

Totally agree with both! I have had one like this for about 10 years and all I had to do is replace one battery and the brushes twice. I also have a 900 series (yes I use two) only because my white lab on my dark wood look tile floors sheds like crazy. These things really keep up and make my life SO much easier. Luckily I have a doggy door so no need to worry about accidents but in my former house with my former dog it wasn’t so rosy. Coming home to your roomba trying to clean up your animal’s accident is quite a story to tell…and I still tell it. Regardless everything did clean up nicely and I still use it to this day!

I dont write so much about woot because 90% is BS. But this is Good I purchased from woot and i use it all the time and for the person above that said dont run it through excrement i remind you most people shit in the toilet

Does it go over the thresholds between rooms? The wood pieces that are used to finish off the look from one room to the next, for those who don’t know what a threshold is :slight_smile:
We have a few of those in the house & it’s important that it does.

Most adult people do. Some toddlers don’t. Most pets don’t.

Those are “transitions”, not thresholds (which occur at exterior doorways).

Anyhoo, everything I’ve read says they do well… to a point. You’d have to ask specifically about the height and slope of your particular transitions.

We have a different version, but it looks largely the same except ours has wifi and alexa support.

Ours handles pretty big thresholds, like probably 3/8" or so wooden ones in our kitchen.

Only Cons:
It thinks black stripes on rugs are drop off cliffs and will not clean them
It has an undying thirst for charger cords left on the ground.
There is a mutual learning curve for user and robot. You’ll adjust to not leaving stuff on the floor and maybe even adjusting your furniture slightly (like raising it with little pads on the feet) to allow your Roomba to clean more efficiently. We have a beagle and this thing is constantly filling it’s bin (in a good way, less stuff we breathe and AC filter look slightly less gross after 3 months). We run it MWF.

Skip this one and wait for the Neato vacuums. Far better machines that Roomba who seems to me spends more on advertising and store placement than they do making their machines work better.

I’m not sure about neato but i will agree that some minor issues i have with the roomba like the black stripe thing. I asked if I could turn that function off since I live in a single level home and they said no they have no interest in that since it’s for the safety of the device. Seems like a minor thing to add a toggle for in the app.

But I do agree with part of that, they seem more interested in sales now than development. I wonder if they see the cheaper knock offs eating into their base models and are just trying to out advertise them.

So does this come with an EXTRA battery? The specs say:

*Robot Roomba 620 (with 1 installed
Robot battery, 1 Filter, 1 Side
Brush, 1 Bristle Brush, 1 Beater

*1 Xlife Battery Model: Roomba 620

I read that as there is a battery installed AND an Xlife battery…???

I’m waiting for a cat box bot. Not one of those automated boxes, but a bot that will go around and check several boxes and clean them. Now THAT would be progress!

Agreed, iRobot used to be really good about learning what customers wanted and helping them field modify. I have a Braava 320t, like it but wanted to deprogram the annoying beeping and iRobot wouldn’t even hint how to do it. I asked where the speaker was located so I could just cut an access port and put a switch in…they were horrified and no help.

Just bought a Neato off Woot recently. I “did” have a Roomba prior at one time. Wait patiently for a Neato, MUCH better, quicker and more quiet. AND no bumping around into things constantly!

Good thing there isn’t a groupon for $20 more for scheduling or anything…

I had a Neato some years back, nothing but trouble. Had 4 in total, 3 were warranty replacements, 1 of them actually worked great for 6 months, then the drive belt broke. Not replaceable, no one even sells them. Another one was DOA, it took about 20 email exchanges to make them understand what DOA was. I understand they now charge for shipping the warranty replacements. Honestly if a brand new Neato was $5 I’d pass, the experience was that bad. I now have a 800 series Roomba and it’s been fantastic - the 800-900 series has li-ion battery and better brushes.

I have a Deik I bought off of Amazon. 2 in 1. Vacs and mops. With all tile flooring, I thought it would be better. It is. Love it.

Roomba 620 on Amazon says it supports Alexa. Roomba 620 on Woot doesn’t mention Alexa at all. Does the Roomba 620 on Woot support Alexa?