iRobot Roomba 650 Automatic Robotic Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba 650 Automatic Robotic Vacuum
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Feb 14 to Thursday, Feb 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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We bought one last time they were for sale. Does a 7/10 job at cleaning up dog hair and detritus from hardwood floor, but has no brain. We play “find the roomba” just about every day when we get home as it has gotten lost and run out of battery.

Also likes to eat cords.

If this thing navigates as well as the Scooba, be for warned. Wrap your furniture legs in bubble wrap. And also be warned, if it gets angry at said furniture, it will back up and ram it a couple of times, go, turn around and try again.

I have 2 Neato’s and a Samsung 9000 series (and a iRobot Scooba). Neatos do a much better job at navigating and cleaning hard wood. Samsung does a great job on the carpet but it doesn’t navigate as well and the scooba is like, just turn it loose and let it bet the crap out of the furniture but it does an 6 out 10 job on the floor.

I have a Roomba, and a Neato. The Neato is so much better than the Roomba it’s not even funny. Especially on not banging into furniture, the Roomba runs around like a blind buffalo hitting everything it can at full speed. The Neato carefully navigates around all items in the room.

The general advice I give anyone looking at a Roomba, or any automatic sweeper in general, is to toddler-proof their house. Look for every little thing it might pick up off the floor and put in its mouth. Power cords, rug tassels, stray pet toys, stray socks, shoelaces, Littlest Pet Shop, etc. Look for any opening which is about 1/4" too short for the Roomba and block it. Dining room, forget it! It WILL get stuck under a chair. Pet yarked up on the floor while you were away? Roomba WILL find it and “try” to clean it up, making things worse in the process. Cleaning yark out of the brushes and bin is not fun.

And so by the time you have prepared and evacuated the area for Roomba to run, you’re like “might as well bring out the refurbed Dyson and finish the job”.

If you keep a tidy home to begin with, the Roomba does well enough for in-between sweeping. The key is to keep things tidy, and I know from experience with family and pets that is a real challenge.

…and then the Leak Frogs start crying for attention.

I used to love roomba, but now it seems my downstairs on is always stuck under my couch and my upstairs one hovers over the top step and gets scared and stops. They really suck anymore.

I used to love my Roomba, then it kept asking me if I was Sarah Connor so I removed the battery.


Wow - talk about doing the time warp. These little critters were plentiful on Woot! once upon a time, but now their numbers have dwindled and are near extinction with only a repackaged/possibly used relative on the Mothership

Had one for almost a year now. It does an okay job picking up dog hair (1 black lab mix), except for during shedding season, at which point it takes 2-3 runs through our bedroom once or twice a week to get it clean-ish. Battery lasts for about 2 1/2 of these runs, which means you have to charge it for another couple hours before finishing the job. The bin seems on the smallish side, as well.
The biggest frustration, though, is getting stuck under things. It figures out how to wander under our couches, TV stand, dressers, and crib but is unable to get back out, owing largely to the bump thing near the handle. It also routinely gets wedged along its side below one of the aforementioned items–on an occasion when the bump thing works, it turns sideways a little, and proceeds along the face of the impediment; in the process of rotating, the side then gets wedged and the vacuum cleans no more. We have it set to run through our living room while we’re sleeping every night, but it’s only completed the job without getting stuck somewhere maybe twice in the past 3 weeks.
I’ve never used another myself, but it would seem if you can afford it, go for a fancier model–one with more controls or whatever. If this is about your price range, there’s got to be better options out there.

Does it come with a cat or is that an option?

Commenting because all these wooters seem to be Negative Nancies today!

I’ve had a roomba for probably 4 years now, 1 model up (pet version), and it has been great. We have 2 dogs (great dane and long haired chiuahuah),and the roomba does a good job of picking up the hair if run fairly regularly. It isn’t intended as a deep cleaner, just to keep the house in order and the floors nice and clean inbetween the serious work. It does that job so well, we only have to vacuum once a month or less even with the dogs. We have a fair split of tile, hard wood, and carpet in different rooms - it works on them all.

Yes, the roomba bounces into furniture and walls, but that’s just how it works, it doesn’t hit them hard or cause any kind of damage. It is smart concerning stairs and we have never had it stall or fall down stairs.

It still successfully finds its own dock and charges itself, only getting lost if we close it in a room to focus on that space.

Overall, these roombas are a life-saver. Pick up your electric cords and small toys (dog toys don’t really bother it, only worry about stuff <1in high that it can run over), and its one of the best purchases you’ll make.


Id be more than happy to send you pictures of the scared/smashed-up furniture compliments of my Scooba. I think some iRobot programmer must have been beaten with the legs off kitchen chairs, tables and toe molding as a kid and is getting his/her revenge. Can’t say this for the vac version but the scooba not only “bounces” off my furniture, it will back up and do it two or three times before it goes off like all is forgiven, then swings around and does it again like taking a sucker punch after walking away. And not gently either. :slight_smile:

I am not going to spend a lot of time defending the Roomba, mainly because I find them a little fragile, and I don’t like how they handle their warranty.

However in my experience with them (I have two) they are easy on furniture. They will stop one centimeter away and gently touch the wall every couple of feet, and adjust their direction as they move next to it cleaning the edges. This, at least on my Roombas is so light it does not cause any damage to anything. You may have a defective one.

I’m really surprised by the negative comments. I bought a 650 from Woot and loved it so much I got another one for my parents.

I have two dogs and three cats (one of them a long hair) and I hate vacuuming. The 650 is scheduled to go every day and, aside from its penchant for getting stuck under my bar cart, it’s been everything I could have hoped for.

Indeed. There was that period around 2007 to 2010 or so where it seemed like they had the Roombas and Leak Frogs once a week.

I’m down to two LFs. A few months ago one started croaking and would not stop. Had to put him down. Was a sad day. :frowning: