iRobot Roomba 650 Automatic Robotic Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba 650 Automatic Robotic Vacuum
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options:: $6 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $24 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Oct 12 to Monday, Oct 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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The 650 is ok - the suction is anemic and the AI is a bit on the dumb side (it frequently got lost). I replaced mine with an 850. The 850 is much more powerful and easier to clean. Hold out for a 800 series, Woot offers them occasionally. Seriously, I was going to sing the praises of this machine on sale today, until I realized it was the 650. It is still too early in the AM.

We have a 880 and love it, this after going thru about 4 Neatos, which are crap. 800 series is a much better vacuum than the 650.

Unless they have changed the way it’s brand navigates, I’d make sure you run out and buy yourself a few brown and black permanent markers. I have the scooba. Don’t recall the series but its only just under 2 years old. That thing is all over the place, no REAL patterns, beats the crap out of the legs on my dinning room table. The thing will back up and hit it, back up and try again. I keep telling it, no matter how many times you ram the chair leg, it’s NOT GOING TO MOVE.

So, my point is, unless iRobot uses a different nav system in it’s vac’s, I’d be careful deploying it around certain types of furnature.

As far as other brands. I’m a Neato fanboi. I’ve had them for years. My 1st unit took a tumble down 1 set of stairs and is now my spare parts unit. I have a 21 in my basement (carpet), Bot 80 1st floor (all hardwood, some rugs and cat toys) and a Samsung 9000 series on the 2nd floor (carpet). Sucking up the crap, Samsung wins even on it’s lowest setting. Nav and coverage, sorry but nothing beats the neato when it comes to corners and getting around stuff. My 21 series neato is on it’s 2nd battery and is hitting the 4 year old mark and I’m on my 2nd scooba. 1st one, the water pump just craped out and was a KNOWN issue. Cost more to fix then it was worth.

I bought some foam window weather stripping and put it on the front of our 650 to cushion the blow as it “guides” itself around whichever room I have it in. Cheap fix;

We have been happy with the 650, as we did not want wireless and phone sync and such. Good product with the exception of needing to clean the wheels, side guides and beater bar pretty frequently.

Looks like the old woot is back

I did that to my first neato, thinking it “might” need it. But only when it’s backing up does it “hit” stuff. Tried to teach one of the cats to ride on tip and help steer it but I couldnt’ find a crash helmet that would fit him. :slight_smile:

I bought the 650 last time it was offered for $219. We run it in the kitchen and dining room all the time and it works great. Mostly laminate with a large area rug under the table. Our floors were never so clean. Also use it on the carpet in the bedroom; great on this carpet. However it doesn’t work on some rugs. We are very happy with it.

ha ha… I was gonna say something similar. I agree the navigation on this thing sucks and beats the crap out of our furniture and leaves black scuff marks on our quite tall white trim. My wife wanted to throw it away until I used some double sided tape and fun foam to cover all of the font/sides that make contact with stuff. We now use it again, but I still think Roomba (at least this one) sucks at navigation in comparison to Neato

I have a eufy robovac and it works pretty well. We have wooden floors, so I’m not sure if they are as effective on carpet.

Am I right that this model doesn’t support WIFI?!? I can’t find anything about it in the manual but on internet I read all 600 models do support WIFI?!

The info we had from the vendor said no but we’re willing to be proven wrong if you find out otherwise.