iRobot Roomba 650 Automatic Robotic Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 650 Automatic Robotic Vacuum

Bought on the last time it was offered. I think it was a few $$$ more. But it has worked really well. We love it. We have one long haired cat and a short haired dog. It picks up tons of hair, to say nothing of all the other stuff. I think out custom kitchen cabinet have a slightly smaller kick plate, so Roomba doesn’t clean as well as it should and frequently gets stuck there.

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Groupon is selling this model for less

[MOD: Not correct. See my post below]

No they’re not. It’s $199.99 and not Factory Reconditioned. Good try though. I guess? No, not really.

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$149.95 on eBay

3 available and the seller has 20 ratings. Yeah, I’m gonna jump right on that.

We purchased this one the last time it was on here. Just happened to coincide right along the time we closed on our new house! It’s been fun owning it. We run it at least a couple of times a week, across about 1500sqft, hardwood and low carpet, 2 cats both short haired. Things I’ve noted so far about Harlem (our Roomba’s name):

  1. Spends a lot of time in our bedroom (carpet) under our bed. Not stuck, just has trouble navigating the frame support legs. I think it is a game for him to get out!
  2. Debris container fills up WAY too fast.
  3. Not very quiet, sounds like a toy remote truck running.
  4. Doesn’t like things that end the same height as the top of the device. Tends to make it under them, but never can get back out.
  5. Will miss whole sections and then return to base, completed.

I think this thing is great for a general light-duty cleaning but it would never replace our Dyson for sure. The minute the tiny debris/waste cup gets full it tends to just scatter whatever it roams over and not actually pick it up. Again, it’s great for what it was meant to do.

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Seems like a good price. I purchased the 850 for more $$$. I’m not sure what the difference is. It works great on pet hair, dust and dirt. As mentioned above, the debris container is relatively small and fills up fast, so the first few times you run it you need to stop it and empty it frequently.

How does standard 2 day shipping arrive the 28th? My math not so good, but 19 + 2 < 28???

Prime? You get free shipping with Prime. We do not promise 2-day shipping.

Also, don’t forget we have a shipping holiday this week.

Wife wanted one but I wasn’t gonna pay $600.
Big Christmas gift achieved, thanks Woot.


Husband really wanted one so I got him a 665 from Sam’s for $260(ish) last year for Christmas. He loves that thing more than me (it seems sometimes). So I bought him two more today. Now he’ll have one for each floor of the house. That should keep him out of my hair… :slight_smile:

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