iRobot Roomba 860 with Virtual Wall

iRobot Roomba 860 with Virtual Wall

This exact refurbished item is literally $40.00 cheaper on eBay.

Does this model bounce around, or follow straight lines while cleaning?

Been using this model for years, love it. Yes, it “bounces around” and that’s a good thing because it often goes over the same area a couple of times. Battery is good for at least an hour, and that’s after about 4 years of use, great cleaning power, easy to service/clean, etc. What is VERY valuable is the 2 dirts sensors which us mere mortals can not see. At a dirty spot it will go back and forth on a random basis (not the same spot) for about 2’ until all dirt is picked up.

Went thru 3 different Neato models. They are crap in comparision to Roomba. Very unreliable.

90 day warranty is a killer for me. I’ve had several robot vacuums over the years. They can last or break easily. If it were a year, I might bite, but for 90 days, it’s a no go.

Let me know when there’s a robot vacuum that can detect dog crap and not drag it all over the house…



Opposite experience here with Neato. Mom has had an older Neato model for 7 years. It has only required a new battery twice in that time. It still works great, cleans their house twice a week. When it was about 5 years old, long out of warranty, she had to call Neato because it wouldn’t run more than just a few seconds. Neato tech support talked her through resetting it, which made it work again. Then a few days later they called her back to make sure it was still operating. I bought a new D5 two years ago and it has performed admirably. No problems, it vacuums twice weekly the entire house and does it very well. Never a problem.

We have many area rugs on hardwood floors. Can this handle fringes on carpets?

Don’t buy anything refurbished or factory reconditioned item from this site. They never honor what they state in the advertisement and this garbage equipment will fail just right after the 90 days expire. This seems more like a scam. Selling something they know will fail but they are off the hook. Wait of go Woot.

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Hi there. I’m sorry that your item quite outside the 90-day warranty. We do offer you the ability to buy an extended warranty through SquareTrade if you choose.

We sell tons of factory reconditioned and refurbished items. As with any product, some will last longer than others. I have a refurbished vacuum going on 5 years.

A little of subject with this exact robot vacuum. We got a top of the line Shark and it uses my wifi to adapt its mapping. Anyway, so far I’ve seen a decent vacuum experience in between using our actual more powerful Shark uprights. It works great for what it is. As mentioned not familiar with the I robot though since the store rep where our gifter bought it from pushed the $600 Shark model to that person.

God that needs to be in the works right? I’ve come home to some horrendous Roomba crime scenes.

…and FWIW, I bought a refurbished Dyson here over ten years ago and it’s still running great.

Not everything on Woot is crap. Unless it comes in a bag, in which case you’re forewarned :slight_smile:


Is this model WiFi capable and Alexa compatible?