iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

Target has it for $20 cheaper

Great , go get the it there then …


Your Thinking Of The 690 Not The 960. Its Ok, This Happens To Some People.


Target has the 960 for $449.

We have a 960 upstairs and a 690 downstairs in the rec room. It’s a night-and-day difference. The 960 sucks way more than the 690 (in the good, vacuumy way). The 960 is a much more powerful cleaner. It’s also twice as loud as the 690.

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I’ve got an older model in the “downstairs” portion of my split level home. I grabbed this 960 in hopes that it would take care up my much larger “upstairs” area. We’ve got wood floors throughout but a very hairy dog.

Just consider keeping it clean. We have a sharky and as with any robo vacuum with animals; owners need to maintain it at least once a month or every other week if running it every other day of the week. First time I had issues with it I discovered even though my Sharky cleans itself. It still had lot’s of hair that doesn’t get cleaned. Grant it was 2-3 months at the first time. Since, as long as I do it every other week. Its been cleaning like a great vacuum.

Maybe you’re new to Woot, however the idea that one should go buy an item from the most convenient, and cheapest retailer, is precisely the spirit that led to Woots popularity to begin-with.
There may be reasons why someone would buy something on Woot instead of some place else, but those reasons are their own.

All that having been written, I notice that Target does not have THIS model on sale for $20 cheaper.


We’ve got wood floors throughout but a very hairy dog.

Our upper level is also half wood, half carpet and we have a black lab. We’re amazed how much dog hair the 960 fills up with.

We had one.
It was possessed by the devil.
It would sneak around the house trying to trip and kill us.

I have a pet Cthulhu