iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

The good? This is the cheapest this item has sold for. This is the cheapest I’ve seen a camera navigated robot vacuum go for. The 960 cleans carpets BETTER than the more expensive i7. The 960 actually cleans rooms faster than the i7/i9 by a noticeable margin. This vacuum uses the same amazing i7/i9 dual roller design that makes them amazing at pet hair.

The bad? It’s refurbished. It also the lowest powered robot vacuum in it’s price category. The vacuum itself only has 7 CFM of power. That is embarrassingly low. Roborock vacuums all have 17+ CFM. Deebot vacuums all have 18+ CFM. Neato vacuums all have 20+ CFM. So, embarrassingly low. If you have a lot of hard floors, you want high CFM. So Roombas are amazing on carpets but crap on anything else.

citation: Roomba 960 Review - Vacuum War - YouTube


I thought I saw this for $150 just a few days ago. I think you can still see it if you look in the vacuum category. It is sold out at that price.

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Yep. $150 for the same one. Maybe the more expensive one is refurbished better. But having used thier “scooba”, Neato’s, Samsungs and DeeBot. IMO, the Deebot is the best wifi bot for the money. For coverage, the Neato and suction power, the Samsung. All are still in operation. Just put my 3rd battery in the Neato (it’s D80 model) and my 2nd battery in the scooba. But if the other IRobots navigate like the scooba, I’ll pass. I could but a towel over my samsung and it will navigate better then the scooba with a clear path.

The Scooba just randomly bounces off walls. The 960 uses a camera to map out the house so it cleans in a more orderly fashion, but unlike the i7/i9, it doesn’t remember the map from session to session so you can’t just tell it to “go clean the kitchen” or whatever like you can with the newer models.

We’ve had this model for almost 3 years. It cleans great, but the only robot vacuum I can personally compare it to is a 600-series Roomba we have in the basement. We were running it every day for two years, but that was overkill. We realized this when we had to start replacing parts at two years (battery, roller assembly, dust bin). Replacement parts are expensive… If we would have run it every other day, we probably could have gone 4 years before it needed parts.

Anyway, it works well. Our 600-series just randomly drives around, the 960 seems to vacuum with a purpose.

I have had Eufys and Roombas. I currently have a 960 and like it very much.

However, I have had overall poor experience purchasing refurbished stuff off of Woot (including a refurb robot vac). I am not picky and my threshold for returns is high but, forget the BOC, I’ve gotten high-end crap right out of the certified refurbished box. So, it might be worth a chance at getting a winner but be prepared to be disappointed.

Thank you for this

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I’ll buy another 5 the day they put a liquid sensor on them. Imagine this…old, infirm cat. Can’t make it to the litter box as often as he’d like. When he does, it’s liquid either end.
Cue in our cute little robotic friend, who, while not PROGRAMMED to run unattended (because it could get ugly fast), has said Go Fetch button pressed by one of the other turd monkeys.
OK, fine. Buy another one since they are extremely useful, and build a really nice garage for it so nothing can get in to turn it on FOR you. Cue in cute little furry critter the infirm cat brings in cause he’s hungry…but forgets what to do with it. Other turd monkey PULLS the robotic marvel OUT of it’s fancy little one robot garage (because guess where cute little furry lunch is hiding), and off we go.
Oh, lets get Scooba’s instead…yeah, no.
Put a liquid sensor on it, I’ll buy one for each room of the house and 2 for the garage. Until then, go look for the video where it tackles a sick dog! (quantity is a bit more than the cats output)

That story made me laugh. They do have mop and vacuum robots, wouldn’t they know the difference (asking for a friend). BTW, still laughing and simultaneously smh