iRobot Roomba Discovery 4210


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

iRobot Roomba Discovery 4210
$129.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 iRobot Roomba Discovery 4210



$144.83 shipped on (“recertified”)


i dont get roomba pricing here on woot… wasnt this offered before for like 99.99 ?


Check out this cool article about the rise of robots in the household. It mentions the Roomba by name.

A video too!!!



$144 at decent woot


thats the first thought that entered my mind.

next was ‘oh it must be new…’


Wii + Roomba!


Look at this, about the roomba 4260…scary!


mine isn’t white… but i love it.

i really want the new generation… but at this price its hard to say no… help me woot gods :open_mouth:


Is woot the official seller of roomba’s now that Sharper image is going out of business?

The whole thing is overpriced and not worth it (roomba’s)


hmmmmm i already got 1… nice stuff though.


Is there a reason that there are so many refurb Roombas? Do they suck that bad? (not literally this time haha)


We got this one for 99.99 at that woot. Good unit, better remote than the one shown.

We had a battery charge problem on arrival - went dead after fifteen minutes. iRobot sent a new base charging unit pretty quickly and it works just fine now.


I bought a Scooba from Woot in November. It was a refurb & had a few problems but I’ll have to say that the Roomba-people customer service is great. They sent me a new battery for my Scooba free of charge (had it within a few days of calling). Said that the refurbs sometime have bad batteries. I’m fairly happy with it (I’ll do anything to get out of mopping the floor.)


I bought a refurbed Roomba a few months ago. Just today it decided it doesn’t want to charge when docked. Think WOOT! will fix it?



I thought they are selling new roomba discovery at this same price.

Refurbished roomba scheduler is price at $99.99 only.


One day roombas will rule the world…


This doesn’t seem to be up to the normal level of deals that Woot has on the Roomba. While they usually have excellent deals on the Roomba, I would pass on this particular one.


I got a roomba discovery scheduler from woot also for 99.99. refurbed, looked the same as this except had the newer remote. apparently it worked good at first but died quickly, like in a week. im not sure if it was the roomba or my mothers fault, you know how old people are with new toys :slight_smile: (good birthday gift for the lazy though)