iRobot Roomba Discovery SE



Did I miss anything?

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iRobot Roomba Discovery SE
$149.99+ $5 shipping

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own it love it and paid double for it


Bows down to the great Roomba


Do these things ever go away - or are they fitted with some special GPS device and once sold and activated, they escape from the house and find their way back to the Woot warehouse :wink:


Maybe this thing will clean up the huge mess I am about to have in my house while watching countless movies with my InFocus IN72 projector.


I actually own one of these, i don’t recall the model but very similar, and they’re quite worth the money if you ask me.


anyone know how this this thing does changing ever so slight elevations? Would it be able to move from the carpet to the tile? Would it throw itself down the stairs?


well I am moving out of the parents house into an apartment… but I’ll stick with the Woomba.



Wow! An InFocus followed by a Roomba! I never saw that coming!

Actually, I bought one at the last Woot off and my wife loves it. Good for those of you with kids.


Like the old Alka Seltzer commercial said…“Try it. You’ll like it.”


Woot: Put your money where your mouth is. If these are made for clearance, nobody wants them. I think a rational market value for these guys is $60 until they come with actual vacuum amenities such as sealed bags and powerful suction motors.


I agree. I wasnt interested in them till friends started getting them and then I saw how much they rock. I got one not too long ago and love it.


Have one.
love mine.
Cleans up after dog fur (medium length), kid crumbs, random dust bunnies.

Does tile and low pile carpet transitions without trouble.

run it once a day when you leave the house - come home to a clean floor.

Wonderful, and this is probably half what I paid. If mine were busted, I’d snag this one immediately.


I don’t know, how about reading the description? All of your questions are answered in the first paragraph. Sorry, I get paid to read the book to people all day…


I’ve got two of these and they really SUCK!
I mean they don’t suck. They are great. I love 'em.
But they SUCK the floors clean under stuff I can’t get with the regular vacuum, and they get cat hair and dander (what exactly is dander anyway?) that would just lie on the floor and gather dust . . Oh wait. I mean they SUCK! Really!
I love em!


Have kitten must have roomba.


Did woot buy a lot of 3,000,000 of these, or have thay secretly taken over the company? Every other day an automatic vacuum… How lazy can one be??? I’m too lazy to even purchase one of these… Let the dust build!


Save the robot children. Save the world