iRobot Roomba Discovery SE



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iRobot Roomba Discovery SE
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 iRobot Roomba Discovery SE 4220


got one. works great.


This was my 1st purchased when I first joined you great bunch of guys


What is woot feeding these things so that they multiply like rabbits? Will these ever go away? I have THREE!


ahhh. I can see it’s another roomba…

anyone knows when new model comes out?


Woot and Roomba - A match made in Internet Heaven


hahaha great description


I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for college. I’m still not positive, but I’m sure if I don’t get these this time I’ll see them again :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d have to keep my place cleaner in order to have a roomba!

What’s with all the roomba’s on woot!?


I love mine, bought it as my first woot! This thing is quality.


I still can’t get my two to hold a charge longer than 15 minutes. BTW, what was up with Spock getting killed at the end?


Is this better than the model offered last week?


Every woot! member should one 1 roomba. More time to make more purchases

2 Virtual Walls makes it even better. Very quiet, Will clean while you Zzzz.


Looks like the guys in the warehouse fed the Roombas after midnight again.

Forget the Screaming Monkey. Woot’s real mascot is a round, vacuuming robot that slows woot-offs down to a crawl.


I now have three of these, all purchased here, on eon each floor, and I LOVE THEM!


I bought one during the woot-off. Don’t need another.

Now if it was a Scooba… I just bought a house with mostly tile and hardwood floors…


Loved the description…Even got my 16 year old daughter to laugh…OK…giggle…OK,OK smile…


just popped my woot cherry so from now on i guess i’ll be spelling it w00t


Any experience Roomba owners know how this does on concrete floors and dog hair? We have a beagle who leaves behind lots of hair and getting it up from concrete isn’t easy.