iRobot Roomba Discovery SE

where the remote?

iRobot Roomba Discovery SE

  • $5 shipping

condition: New
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already got 2 of these. thankx but no thankx

No thanks, got the Dyson Ball.

Does Woot own stock in iRobot?

iRobot Roomba Discovery SE
$129.99 + $5 shipping

Oh. Roombas are cool, but I don’t have the money to drop on one.

oh roomba…not again…c’mon woot!

Have two Discoverys already :frowning:

Le sigh

finally a roomba!

Well, it’s about time a Roomba showed up!!!

Does anyone actually own one of these? Are they worth it?

Booooooooo no more Rooma!

lol it was only a matter of time



wouldn’t be woot if you didn’t have at least one of these, right?

ROOMBAS suck. really they do!

This is just woot’s way of saying “Go to lunch.”