iRobot Roomba Discovery SE

Maybe because of all the no buying noobs?

I have a roomba and it works really well so i ordered 3 more, everyone order some please so we can see the next item.

Have a Sage. Works good.

Buy one cause they’re cute to watch
Buy one cause they actually work
Buy one cause the future is now
Buy one cause they make good moving paintball gun practice targets
Buy one cause I think we can all agree it’s time to move on

Will dis werk wit my mac?


What is it with you people?! What’s so special about being first?

It looks nothing like Jersey City

My kids are terrified of the thing, after it tried to eat the baby’s arm. (It only took a little nibble, honestly!)

I swear the yellow is actually going down.

Been wanting one of these for awhile - and what the heck - I have the $10 credit that I got for buying a Zune for $149 back when they were so expensive! (at least it was new and I love it so I’m really not complaining.) Maybe this can keep the floors clean while I sit and watch it work. I’m in for 1.

Roomba…when your Wootoff couldn’t go any slower…


You have no woots

Roobma = SCUD missle

Right before the server crashes. You will have maybe 3 seconds.

Thats odd because your box is white.

thats it.

A bunch of cats doing nasty things to a red pepper!!! What can it mean??

Amen Brotha

Hope they have some cordless phones on this one!