iRobot Roomba Discovery SE



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iRobot Roomba Discovery SE
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 iRobot Roomba Discovery SE 4220

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This was $99 during the last Woot-Off… I bought one then.


damn they’ve got a ton of roombas


Charles Noooooo! He got my head! Not a Roomba!


How many Roomba’s can there be?


Seriously? How many is that this week?


Enough with the roomba!!!


Yay, another roomba for my collection…


Well, I reckon this means I can get some work done now. See ya in a few hours.


These things must really suck to sell. They are on woot every day and no one has a good word about them.


You’ll Thank Me later


I do not need an iRobot

What I really need are those 2MP cameras they had a few weeks ago. I always find use for the woot AFTER it’s gone by.


Not another iRobot. Time to take a nap this will take a while…


Thanks for having the woot-off! on my Birthday, woot. But do you have to have so many Roombas?


If I see one more Roomba on this site in the next week I might just spit up :frowning:


SSccooooooooooooobbbbaaaa! Ssssccccoooooooooooobbbbbaaaa!


first time i’ve seen this model new here


How many millions of people must have a Roomba by now…


Doesn’t the fact that there are SO MANY Roombas that come up make you question the quality of the product?