iRobot Roomba Discovery

iRobot Roomba Discovery - Monday, January 09, 2006
Item qty: 1900, Last Order: 9:45 AM CST, Wooter to blame: mushupork
Order Pace: 0m 18.544s, Woot Wage: $23,345.63/hour.

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Somebody spilled Quality Posts all over the forum:
[]p2, xnera links to some tales of feline/Roomba interaction
]p2, swattz101 locates the iRobot product page
[]p2, Malik 112099 links to Amazon and pastes some reviews
]p2, Flagg directs our attention to the Roomba Review forums
[]p5, jmsolf discovers a Sears link and an “impressive” video
]p5, seekerofknowledge seeks out a Roomba webcam

So many Roomba owners shared their stories, we gave them their own list:
]almightydot again

Today’s Pointless Woot-Tip: Check the time stamp flow on early thread pages if you get here before the Wootbot summary. Unless members go back and edit, messages in the first 5 minutes or so have the poorest signal to noise ratio…

Whoa I got one of these last month from my aunt. A little finicky at times but great, product, great price, great WOOT. If I had 1/2 a brain I would buy a butt load of these and sell them on ebay, or I could just do what or did and make balls of bills

good Price!!!

what i always wanted, something to piss off my dog all day whileim gone

Does it play MP3’s ?

good woot. VROOM!

wouldnt mind having that

$50 everywhere before Xmas. Junk in my opinion.

Woot Roomba

it’s kinda sexy

hmm, mom’s b-day tomorrow. u think she’ll like it? lol

This is tempting…anyone own this one?

My parents will be getting this one for a present! Great Woot

hmm i kinda wanted to get my mom one of these maybe i should

Sweet, but no need, I have a wife!!! hahahahaha

I got one for Christmas 2004. Love it.

I’m in refurbished heaven
It will clean up my refurbished room
I’m still looking for my pony
woot Woot

could use one of these…too bad im broke. heard they work good though.

why is the button bouncing?