iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum

Here it is, quit asking for it!

doesn’t everyone have like 2 of these by now?

DJ Roomba in the house!!

Love this thing. It scares the mess out of our dog and makes him go crazy.

best price I can find elsewhere is $155.

my old roomba ate my ipod cable. didn’t really work on carpet. does anybody know if this one will work on carpet?

This should have come right after the laptop and desktop PCs, because so many peoples’ computers suck, and their vacuum doesn’t.

note to self do not set this thing to run during the day and then leave the dog out cuz when it scares the shit out of the dog it does a horrible job of cleaning it up…

It has 4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

Almost $160.00 on Amazon. I would like one but I think the baby may just try to sit on it.


No dock on this one I think but it has virtual walls.

I love both of my Roombas. You need one on each floor!

Good price for this model and it’s new and includes 2 virtual walls for the price.

I have two of the more expensive models – I love them – they’ve been running fine for several years.

Anyone have any information on how the 440 compares to the newer/higher numbered models, like the 500 series?

I see that this one has virtual walls, which is nice. Does it clean less efficiently than the 500 series? Does it lack the automatic scheduler stuff?

Get it so you can tell your friends you have a robot clean your house.

We have had 4 iRobot Roombas in our house, and had one give out (540) due to a known defect. But our other 3 are running great.

I kept buying these and they would always disappear. A few weeks ago I was moving furniture and found 6 of them with dead batteries under my couch.

If I only had that much extra money. Darn it I get paid tomorrow!

I would only buy this so my roommate’s cat could ride it.

It’s slightly annoying that marketers think they are clever by adding a lower-case ‘i’ to any product name. Soon everything is going to have an ‘i’ attached to it. That’s iIritating! (end of rant)