iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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oh roomba…we meet again.

Ok, this is the sale I’ve been waiting for. Can someone quickly, and concisely tell me if there is any advantage to the 530 over this 440 if I only plan on using it in one room at a time?

All this thing needs is one of Woot’s World Famous iPods and we’d really be ready for a good time…

Darn. Guess I’ll go by the Sansa at amazon.

It’s an older Roomba model. It’s okay for entry level, but I was able to nab a recent model for $200 new awhile back.
I personally love my Roomba. We have 5 dogs and wouldn’t be able to live without it. Keeps my house from becoming a hairy mess.

Thus begins the inevitable “Here’s what we had leftover from the last wootoff” item listings. Meh.

roomba + ipod + ipod speakers = DJ ROOMBA!

Yes I could. :slight_smile:

How hard would it be to transform this into a DJ Roomba?

Thanks. That’s all I needed. xD

Pfft, we have leftovers from all sorts of things, not just woot-offs.

Oh no! That means this one doesn’t come with a docking station. Aw, nuts.

4 C batteries for the Virtual Wall? With the amount it would cost to power those, seems like it’d be a better bet to just throw up something more tangible, like a pet barrier.

video review:

I tend to shed my long hair that I often have to cut out of my current vacuum when it gets wrapped around the roller…how does the roomba do with this kind of thing? Would I have to spend a lot of time digging the hairballs out with this as well?

I got 2 of these in a couple of the B 0 C’s I recieved a while back. Both were refurbs, with dirt in them and neither worked properly if at all. It’s not worth the cost in my opinion.

This model is more likely to get tangled, doesn’t have as good a battery, and isn’t quite as successful as the more recent models.

Having said that, it’s still definitely worth buying!

Does this one go home when it’s batteries are about to die?