iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Don’t we all already have three of these?

The only thing I love more than mops…

finally a roomba (full sarcasm intended)!

OK! I get it! My floors are nasty…

lets RUMBA…next!

So do you Bissel before you Roomba or the other way around?

Ha, suckers! If ye only waited, you could have had the robots clean your floors for you.

Arggg I just bought a vacuum with a mop!


Roomba pool cleaner <$200 please. :slight_smile:

So, how do these do on thicker carpets, and going back and forth between thicker carpets and tile floors?

i want the one that returns to its charging dock ;( is that the 530?

I knew it was time for one of these

I know I want a vacuum… but not a $130 roomba. One room + roomba + cat = bad.

No, seriously…vacuuming sucks. That what it does…

Is there anyone left who hasn’t already bought one who wants one?

Yay Roomba! Cat not included.

seems like a really expensive cat toy. Prefer screaming monkeys.