iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum

Has anybody ever dedicated one of these to the kitchen, and if so, how successful were you? Does it get gummy? Pick up food particles well?

Will this work with my Dyson?

Argh I just bought a 530 series this year because I couldn’t find a cheap enough one on Woot.

You win again, Woot. You win, again.

How well does this work on pet hair? I’ve been wanting for one of these but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I got one of these for my wife when it was up here a few weeks ago, and we love it. This is a great buy if you’re in the market for a vacuum.

Previous Woot!

I have a beagle who sheds all the time, and after getting a Roomba, my floors have never been cleaner. It is great at picking up pet hair.

Every time I see these I get excited and immediately a wave of sadness rushes over me, as I realize there is no such thing as a DjRoomba (in the mix), EVERY time.

These are great. They will sweep the floor for you.

This works great on pet hair… I love it!

I have a 530 and I love it! I do use it in the kitchen and it works quite well in there IMO. Mine hasn’t gotten gummy or anything, but I also don’t cook much more than spaghetti and PB&J sandwiches…

It does pretty well at picking up pet hair as well, although you ~have~ to clean it out each time you run it (if you have a pet) because it gets full of hair pretty fast.

All in all I’m tempted to buy this, but what I really want is the Scooba or a schedule-able Roomba. This one’s price is pretty tempting though.

Anyone know how this model compares to one of the current models?

how about human hair? particularly from the head. it’s a house full of women, long hair is everywhere. tell me its good at picking up long strains of hair and I’ll think it’s made from the gods themselves.

But it won’t vacuum…

How well do these work on carpet and how often do they need to be changed?

So what version is this? Guessing its a 440?

I’ve owned both the 400 series and 500 series Roombas. Although the 530 is nicer, with scheduler, self-charging base and lighthouses instead of virtual walls - it’s hard to beat this deal for a 440 model. Great “starter” Roomba or gift idea.

I’m picking up a couple for some elderly relatives and an extra one… just because!

The key to keeping any Roomba running for multiple years is to keep the brushes clean and the battery charged properly. As long as you do that, it should be well worth the investment.

Bought the 530 during a woot off about a month or so ago, and I’ve only had problems. It won’t charge for more than half an hour at a time, and recently it has stopped even turning on.

However, iRobot should be commended for their excellent customer service. They’ve sent me a new battery and an entirely new Roomba (I get to keep the old one for some reason) free of charge.

Unfortunately this hasn’t solved the problems, I’m thinking something is wrong with the power brick, I need to give iRobot a call on monday to see what we can do from here. Overall, I regret buying it in the first place. But I doubt many others will have the same problems as me.

Yes, 440. You can see the model number in the PRODUCT line underneath the title.