iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum

Too primitive a Roomba.

“trololo give them another Roomba, they’ll love that”


Oh joy.

Oh goodie… a ROOMBA!


spiders, get them off.

Wow! A Roomba! Maybe if I hadn’t bought 3 earlier. Ugh

not caramels:(((

cheaper on amazon i think…


not caramels:(((

yawn Another one? Given all the vacuums, this is turning out to be rather “sucky” hehehe, get it… cause you know, like vacuums suck and stuff.

Grabbed this before. Only complaint is that it won’t work with the charger base - doesn’t eve have the contacts on the bottom…

Other than that no regrets!

Roooooomba!! \o/

If only it was a refurb… :slight_smile:

Bought this on woot died soon afterwards, roomba replaced with a better model. Didn’t have to return this one. Was able to sell on ebay for parts for $30!

Will this one mate with the one sold earlier?

I see what you did there.

Wow. That went fast.