iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack (4110)



oh I am getting one of these a camo looking roomba


and this gives me time to eat breakfast and goto work…


Does this work on carpet?


excellent! i have been waiting for this!


uhh… 4 hrs for this? I don’t think so


For those just now rejoining the wootoff, a relatively recent update to my sound screeching alerter program is up on my website now.

Clickity for the Release Notes

(FYI: It will probably be a while before another new version is announced unless there’s some minor bugfixes.)


Blah, this is a woot I’d get, but my bank account only has $100 in it :frowning:


Bought this 5/31 on W00T for the same price.

It’s well worth the money!!!


Did anyone get one of these a week or so ago when they were on? I am looking for something to try and help keep the siberian husky hair in check


I hear these do work good on carpet, but are no good with pet hair/fur.


Didn’t I see this last week? Hopefully they sold most of them then.

From what I hear my carpet is too thick for this thing to handle.




Just got this the last time it was on woot, and I LOVE IT. I have to lock the dogs up, but it’s freaking fantastic. :slight_smile:


shame i don’t have carpet


They pick up pet hair but don’t “sense” it


froogle link


I’m supprised these don’t sell out quicker. Last time I picked up 3 for gifts. It’s probably the only time you can get away with giving a vacuum cleaner as a gift is when it does the work for you.


For anyone buying this!!!

there’s a really good “generic” instructions manual (WAY better than the included one) available here


this works great on carpet and with animal hair. However, the sage is the old model. I bought a Discovery for $170 from sharper image a few months ago with a $100 off $200 or more coupon. The roomba is a fun little guy, but this isn’t an amazing price for a sage. And now…there is always the scooba for you hard wood floor folk :slight_smile: