iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack (4110)

These things are the best. If you have pets, you need a Roomba. It picks up an amazing (or disgusting) amount of hair and dander and can get under deks, beds, coffee tables where your regular vac wont fit. Its not about being too lazy to vacuum. It’s that Roombas make it so much easier and they are so effective. And yes, woot sells these often, but look at the numbers every time they have them they sell thousands.

Does a central vac come on automatically and sweep up the cheetos crumbs that fall off your beer belly when you get up off the couch?

I lost out on the Discovery SE before. My brother will be happy with this and this will be better for his hardwood floors.

Thank you Woot!

COOL!!! now quick, tell me where you got your central vac for $150, i’m in!!!

Hmmm. A BOC reference in yesterday’s Woot!

Now a Roomba.

My conspiracy wheels are turning.

I got one of this model in the last Woot off and it is awsome. It does aa great job picking up my black labs hair and Im not having to break out the big cluncky vac near as much. Thanks Woot

We had the roomba and i sold it on Ebay used for $162. Our dog kept chasing it! I need a Zoom-Zoomba for my Mazda…do they make it yet?

$5 less than last time

censored If only a roomba was designed for those with wild drinking habits for the weekend.

I wooted a discovery Roomba during the last Woot-off and both my wife and I love it. We have multi-surfaces in our house with stairs and have never had a problem with the vacuum. We start it when we leave and come back to a clean house. We have carpet, linoleum and hardwood on the main floor and it cleans all three very well. I’m just waiting for the yellow one for garages to be wooted again! Long live Roombas! For those that are skeptical, check out the prices elsewhere, and you’ll see this is a very good deal. We love vacuuming whilst not home, and with one 2 yr. old and another on the way, anything that we can do to save time - we’re there, and this was a great Woot!

If have general questions about the Roomba that are unrelated to this deal, you should check the Roomba Message Boards. Most likely, your question has already been answered.

Please help me… I’m actually going to wake my wife up to tell her that I’m buying this w()()t!

As Nike says… “Just Do It!”

It says on Wikipedia that Roomba Sage (4105) was upgraded in 2005. Is this the dated model or the upgraded one?

thought i was the only one that caught that one!!! woot-off in the near future, perhaps?

She will love it if she does the cleaning, BUT may hate you for waking her up.

Please… oh please let there be another Woot-Off. That way I can have something fun to do during ahem work.

I give up. I bought it.

I agree. Just surprise her when it comes!

Usually 2 weeks befor a major holiday. But we never know :wink: Irish day soon.