iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack (4110)

Beware! The picture shows a virtual wall unit with the scheduler feature. That IS NOT what you will recieve. They will send you a regular virtual wall that looks different than the one in the picture! If you ask for any sort of correction the Woot folks will offer to refund your money, but will NOT correct the discrepancy. You have been warned!

Just got it.

Life will be so much better now. I hardly have time for the kids, much less the vacuuming. Between the “I’m late to work due to poor time scheduling abilities, let’s take it out on others in the form of road rage”, the daily board meetings, the excessive maintenance costs to my BMW SUV due my need to be first off the line at the green light (and because I’m late) – this is the best.

My marriage is saved, and my kids will now grow up feeling loved and appreciated. Thanks woot!

uh oh…does roomba make 1 million models? seriously one point they must run out! Stop leading people to obesity! make people do their housework!


Not only that but the last Woot-off ended with these 3 items:

  1. This exact same model Roomba.
  2. BOC 16.5
  3. The USB Pig

Either something cool is coming, the Woot! staff is messing with us or some combination thereof.

since obviously I’m new here, can somebody explain what “woot-off” is…thanks

Got this Sage package in the BOC once and I love it. We hate vacuuming and the Roomba takes care of it now. You have to clear the floor of traps or block parts where it can get stuck but then it works great - also on carpet!

Dude, I just did that…

oh, it’s only christmas (or ©hanukkah, or kwaanza) times 80!!

Goig on ebay for $160+,

[Amazon]( Roomba Discovery&tag=feerite-20&index=blended&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325) prices & reviews

I already have two and a Scooba… But there’s just so many places I could run it and I don’t like toting around the roomba and charging station everywhere :slight_smile: Chalk up another roomba on my list I guess! Surprisingly, not as many roomba-bashers tonight as I’m used to. Is the Woot community finally warming up to the little robots? Yeah, I didn’t think so, … wishful thinking maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

real geeks could care less about keeping their floors clean so how about woot stop selling these devices?

I’ve seen these so many times, I finally bought one. I hear they’re great.

I know what you’re referring to, but read the description again. They did NOT make the same mistake this time that they did last time. The pictures does show a scheduler VW, but the description clearly lacks the “Scheduler” part this time. At least now you can’t say you didn’t get what you paid for.

How does it handle lamp cords on the floor (carpet) ?

Will this Roomba make the transition from carpeting to a large area rug with fringe? Do you have to move all cords before using?

Finally did it! Great price, too! Been looking at these a long time. My dad picked up a Discovey a few weeks back and loves the thing. He was a skeptic at first but has become a die hard Roomba fan. Long Live wOOt!!!

Irish day=Green stuff. What is the one green thing that comes to mind on woot?

We love our Roomba too! Don’t worry about the wife; if she’s like mine, she’ll take to the little robot in no time. She uses the thing all the time! Your floors will thank you.

Check out the RoboCleaner from Kärcher. It’s way ahead of the Roomba - it will even unload the dirt automatically and has a quiet mode.

My dad has a Discovery. They don’t like fringe or power cords. Use the same guidelines if you were doing the job yourself.