iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack (4110)

Don’t do it.

You’ll replace it with a Dyson after 3 months.

And the real killer has shown its face


time to brew some coffee…

dang it…always w/ the roombas

ouch, this one hurts

G-nite yall

ahh… got a newer model for about the same price… BUT it didn’t have the home docking station

no good for me as i don’t have floors

So true.

another freaking robot!!! ugh!!! i hate my life!

damn it, it was only a matter of time.

my bed is calling.

The wootocolypse is nigh. Repent, brethren.

Time for bed.

what would a woot-off be without a Roomba…

There’s only one reason to buy one of these…

How many of these freaking things did they make for c.o.l

OH MY LAWDS NOT ANOTHER IROBOT now i can vacume up the bits from my elvis and my gutter cleaner im buying 3!!!


TRASSSSHHHHH someone buy them all please