iRobot Roomba Scheduler 4230

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iRobot Roomba Scheduler 4230
$149.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 iRobot Roomba Scheduler 4230

Are these things actually any good?


I swear Woot must breed Roombas.

lol no joke

thoughts via epinions

If they were you’d think Woot would sell them all the time.

I love roomba… I have one and it’s great. If you have mainly flat, spacious floors and a normal (non-shag) rug down to wood flooring these are great. They sweep well and vacuums well, and can be setup to automate themselves. I use a normal vacume now maybe once every 4 to 6 weeks (but I have no kids…)

That said, I’ve seen this same deal on woot a few times for $99. Those were refub though and this one appears to be new, so that may be why.

I would suggest springing for the virtual walls. Those things are awesome and keep your robot in the space you want them to stay.

I need a roomba, my house is a mess.

YAY! I love Roombas. I don’t have one, but it keeps getting cheaper on woot :smiley:

Soon as it gets like $5 I’m soooo in for 2, mayyyybe 3.

Great price on this. Even though it is the older 400 series, it is a high end 400 series with the same features that would cost twice the price for a 500 series. While you can commonly find these for $149 refurbished, getting them at this price brand new is a great buy, especially since the 1 year warranty is mandatory on the older models. (Don’t forget to buy this with a credit card that doubles the warranty to 2 years, like Amex.)

All in all, one of the best Roomba deals yet on Woot, although I’m looking forward to them starting to sell 500 series models soon.

Very. Just check the Roomba Message Boards. Most people think they are a toy until they actually try them for themselves. They aren’t perfect, and the 400 series is notorious for breaking down if used every single day, but iRobot has great customer service, and if it breaks, they will replace it very quickly.

This model comes with 2 virtual walls with built in scheduling already included.

All NEW! New homebase and Scheduler Remote/Virtual Walls cost $100 alone. So it’s like getting a new Roomba for $50!

Or, to put it another way, the cheapest Roomba you can possibly buy brand new is the Roomba 400 for $119 +$15 shipping, for a total of $135. For only $20 more, you are getting a high capacity APS battery, the 3 hour fast charger, the self charging homebase, the scheduler remote control and 2 scheduling virtual walls - buying those accessories separately would cost over $200 more!

I like mine but don’t think it gets you out of house work. :slight_smile: If you have pets, you’ll still need to maintain the area well OR you need to be ready to empty it several times during your “clean sweep”… Not sure of the mileage without pets. I gave it a shot on not doing much for 2 weeks with a dog that sheds lightly and ended up emptying it 3x since the hair is fairly “fluffy” in container… Typically I use my Dyson every other week and this on the off week and it still takes an extra if I do Max. No pets, I’m sure it may get you out of some house work. :slight_smile:

Only my second Woot in about 1 year of monitoring (I get the privilege of paying sales tax as well since I am bout 10 miles from the Woot offices!).

I have wanted a Roomba for a while, and after seeing the one my next door neighbors have (they bought a 500 series, and paid well over $350.00 for theirs!) I figured this would be a good deal for my 1 story 1500sq ft. house.

Unless it’s no longer valid, you should be able to use the coupon code TAXSUCKS to get your $5 shipping fee refunded if you live in Texas.