iRobot Roomba Scheduler with Intellibin for Pets



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iRobot Roomba Scheduler with Intellibin for Pets
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 iRobot Roomba Scheduler 4290 with Intellibin for Pets

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You can buy them ::new::?


These are great. I have two of them. One upstairs and one downstairs. They really do a great job. Now I only have to vacuum once a week with the regular vacuum. I have them set to go ever single day. Can’t imagine life without them.


Got a woot! roomba. Scared all the cats away.


So does it suck your pets into the Intellibin? Or just sucK?


no podcast :frowning:


I have solid wood floors throughout the entire downstairs and a Dyson for the carpets upstairs. I do not need this, but…

I bought a Roomba Discovery for my mom. she ADORES it.

If I had need for this, I would grab it. Great machine, great price.


This looks like a very solid woot. My only issue with this is that the documentation does not state whether or not this unit is Three Laws compatible, and if its mission is to find Sara Conner if left unattended.


what does this do? I mean I have a roomba 560, but this one? [clueless] :-[]


I LOVE MY ROOMBA 4290!! It works sooo amazing. Thank-you Woot from Xmas! It cleans deep down! Worth every penny!!!


I already got a Scheduler from woot before. But what is an “Intellibin for Pets”? Mine has a sensor telling me when it’s full. So, uh…?


Do the batteries really hold up in these, over time? What can I expect before they need to be replaced?


Got a roomba, was “cool” for like a month now it sit in the attic, piece of junk, soooooo slow at cleaning and really not thorough, bad battery life.
Basically like the “amazing” toy you got as a kid and then forgot about in a couple days because it was crap


No one else froogled, so


Didnt see any specifically for pets


We have owned the little guy for almost a year now. Having lived in two homes in that time, one with tile floors throughout and the other with hardwood floors, my experience is only with the Roombas perfomance on hard surfaces, and whole room rugs. Having said that I have never seen a vaccum that performs this well. It picks up more from the hard floors than I could ever get with a broom or another hard surface type vaccum. While having to empty the bin after each run is a bit of an inconvenience, it is nothing compared to the time and effort I save. I just added the scheduler package and now can come home and have my heavily trafficked rooms nice and clean, with lil Roomba waiting in the charger preparing for the next day. Before Roomba I was vaccuming at most 2-3 times a week, now Roomba runs nearly every day. My floors have never been this dust free, and my allergies are minimal. Thanks Roomba


I don’t get where this is specific for pets? I got a Roomba scheduler during the last woot off and it does beep when it’s full? It also hasn’t eaten any pets I know of.


I think we can just safely assume that all robots are terminators. Some are just better at playing dumb than others.


the intelabin is big enough to suck up and store your pet?

either that is a huge vacuum or you keep nasty little pets.


If you search the website it says they’re out of stock on the Roomba for pets

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