iRobot Roomba Virtual Wall

this thing works with a person that doesn’t want to clean at all?

Geee…what’s coming up next???

I want an ACTUAL Roomba! I missed it last week…

iWant aRoomba iTself

I hope a notebook. Its been a while since we’ve seen one.

Hm. If only I’d sprung on the Roomba last week.

Will this work with my 4 year old?

Does this just work on the 400 series or does it work with the 500+ series that woot usually offers?

in for 3. What a great deal!!!

Weren’t these, like, $4.99 the last time around? Guess they can’t get rid of 'em…

Make sure the virtual wall is for the model of Roomba YOU have; otherwise, it won’t work. It is not “one wall fits all” or “one wall to rule them all” or “all in, walls out.”

Nevermind. I’ll go back to my cybercave now.

Was $2.99 + shipping last time.

LMAO! Totally accidentally bought one thinking it was a roomba lol…

I need one for my 500 series… harumph

tommy luggage

This goes with the bluetooth earphone so you can hear when the wall is hit.

Roombas are great for bare floors. However I find myself spending just as much time getting stuff out of the way as I would if I just vac’d or swept the floor.

I have one of these on on each side of my yard, just in case any rogue Roombas are loose.