iRobot Scooba 380 Floor Washing Robot

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iRobot Scooba 380 Floor Washing Robot
$279.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Am I the only one who’s sick and tired of Woot (aka Amazon) trying to impress the potential buyers by putting up a fake MSRP in the title of the Woot items. The Pinnacle Sound bar last night for example $849MSRP with a savings of 74% for $202! Yeah, right. There weren’t even any reviews on the internet for this item! I used to enjoy Woot and bought quite often, from the cheapest items to some of the most expensive but now it’s just a shadow of it’s former self. Woot (aka Amazon) now has such a crowded format, trying to sell in so many different directions that I don’t even bother considering shopping here but about 10% o the time that I used to! Woot, you may be winning the battle but losing the war. I used to be able to follow on my phone but now they’ve got so much crap squeezed in here that I rarely even bother. I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling the alienation. Please bring back some semblance of the old Woot!

Not worth the money. We ahd one and all it wanted to do was to break down.

The beauty of the Internet and living in a free country is that you can always go do something else. Exercise your freedoms and quit whining. It gets old.

I’ve had one of these for a few years. It works great with some supervision. I switched to vinegar after the other cleaning liquid ran out. I actually like the vinegar better. I have wall to wall tile. I can’t say this is a perfect floor cleaning tool but with some supervision it does very well. My Roomba on the other hand is a great cleaner and needs no supervision.

Had one for 30 days. Returned it because it was worse than useless, more often than not, I came home to this thing in the middle of the kitchen floor, beeping forlornly, with the floors no cleaner than when I left.

You can get a really nice mop and bucket for 1/10th the price. Go that way.

Here you go:

“List Price is the original sticker price, the MSRP, or our own best attempt to find the full price online. It’s mostly worthless, so we rely on Wooters like you to post the best price comparisons in our forum. You’ll be a hero!”

This alone has made my day! :slight_smile:

I still use woot pretty often but I will agree that the clutter on this page certainly doesn’t make me look forward to accessing this page every morning like it used to. One analogy that I can think between the good old woot and the mess now is google’s mqin page vs yahoo’s.

Yiu can keep the toolbar/tabs on top of the page, but the part of the page right under the main product is just a disaster… remove it pls?

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I couldn’t agree more! The “Woots per State” says it all.

Two better words: Scooba Steve.

Wow! These things are just flying out the door.

See you in a few hours WOOT.

In for one. Replacing the 5900 model I bought off Woot five years ago. It’s gotten a lot more use lately because our two year old is fascinated with it (cleaning and entertainment!).

But that old model really just never covered enough space (250 sq ft) and we’d end up having to mop up afterwards. 850 sq ft for this one was the clincher.

35 minutes into this Woot, and 98% remaining. See you tomorrow…

Ugh - and I was looking forward to another fun day of woot at work.

Obligatory “Worst Wootoff Ever!” :slight_smile:

Nobody wants a Roomba this time I guess… Everyone who wanted one already got one the last ten woot offs.

Amen on that!