iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Scrubbing Robot

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iRobot Scooba 390 Floor Scrubbing Robot
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Time to check out the product page and check out this “good” review over at

I’ve waited and waited and now the moment has finally arrived! I’ve been scouring Woot for ages looking for a “suctino bulb” and it looks like I will finally get one! Thanks again Woot! You’ve made my day yet again! :wink:

I owned one of the original Scoobas. While it had some problems with leaking occasionally if the tubes weren’t put back properly after cleaning, this sucker did an AMAZING job on the floors. It doesn’t just mop - it scrubs. My grout on my kitchen tile never looked so good as it did with this bad boy on the job.

I think I paid Woot $129 for my old Scooba…yeah, back in the good ol’ days of LeakFrogs, Sansas, and Roombas on rotation. Is this new Scooba really worth an extra $279, or should I just get a new battery and revive my old one?

If you got a Scooba for $129 you got a hell of a bargain. Seems unlikely unless it came from the Island of Misfit Scoobas.

I also got my first Scooba for about the same price-refurbished. I replaced the battery a couple months ago and it worked fine but the next time I used it, dead. Nothing could refresh it. Irobot customer support pronounced it DEAD and offered me a replacement model for something like 165. It was stripped of any other appliances though, which was fine since I already had them from the original…so a pretty good deal. In response to your question though, NO, this model on sale is NOT better than the one you have, now. If it’s only the battery that’s dead, replace the battery. The new one will give you the same performance you got with your old one.

I love my scooba, and we use it regularly. I hate mopping, so this is a real pleasure for me to avoid that chore, even if it does take significantly longer.

I purchased my first one in 2008, a refurb from amazon for $109, and it’s still going strong, having only replaced the battery once since that time. I liked it SO much I purchased another from Woot (new) in 2011, for $249. That one is still in the box, waiting for its sibling to die.

I can’t say I’d throw down $400 for this if I never owned one before, but they are among the more useful gadgets I have in my house. TBH, I’m not sure I’d spend it knowing the prices I got on the two I have, but it’s been a while since I priced these out. I’m just glad I have one in waiting seeing the prices today.

I know it doesn’t say it can be used on laminate flooring, but has anyone tried it?

I bought 1 of these about 5 years ago, ($179). I eventually went through 3 of them before the warranty ran out. It/they did a good job while it/they lasted. Get the Square Trade warranty if you buy one. IRobot seems to build very high tech items, they work great until they stop working. IRobot customer service is OK, I’ll skip these from now on.

Laminate flooring is MDF (Meduim Density Fiber) with a very thin laminate of pvc or vinyl for color and a hard wear layer on top. All of this is pressed together and then cut. The MDF underneath is like a sponge and will expand when it gets wet. Typical cleaning instructions for wood laminate flooring indicate damp/dry mopping.

So to answer your question I think it would be a mistake to turn loose a water filled robotic floor cleaner (that sometimes leaks) on your laminate flooring.

This. I have a Pergo floor and it does not go anywhere near it. I use a swiffer wetjet for it, which allows me to control and limit how much moisture hits the floor.