iRobot Scooba 5806 Floor Washing Robot Bundle

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iRobot Scooba 5806 Floor Washing Robot Bundle
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 iRobot Scooba 5800
  • 2 Scooba Virtual Wall
  • 1 Scooba Storage Mat

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82/100 on alatest…,329/

4 stars on buzzillions…

Eh, I’m not a fan. Saw too many of these returned to be able to trust 'em, even at this price.

…but it’s so cute…

nice, writeup is a nice ripoff of a comment in the woot off!

I want a robot that can wash me!

Thanks but washing floors provides my monthly exercise regimen…

hurray for poking fun at our financial crisis…and I’m not being sarcastic either…

I love this, but it’s unreliable. iRobot support has been fantastic until recently. My last two calls haven’t accomplished anything, and as much as I love these robots I wouldn’t buy another one until the support improves.

This would be great to own, even though there’s only one floor it would be usable in my home and that area is maybe 8X7… Can’t justify $185 for it, this time… Plus all my money went the way of the woot-off. :frowning:

Funny description. Hopefully remembrances of it won’t make us cry in a week or so.

how much water does it leave behind or squirt on the floor?

i have plastic tiles with large enough cracks where you cannot use wet mops just damp.

Wife just HAD to have one of these. After several tries, she threw it away. Does a REALLY bad job and left the floors in an utter mess.

Does the the Scooba work at all?

Any Wooters have one that would care to comment on how well it does?


My friend has to buy another Roomba! This was the greatest dick bet I ever made!
That’s two Roombas for him within 24 hours. Keep them coming Woot.

Wow…I didn’t use the words beautiful tulip.

These aren’t too bad. Good on the tile in the kitchen, but the battery life is only good for 6 months or so.

Be forewarned. I owned one of these for a few weeks and wasn’t very happy with it. It didn’t have any defects, and worked as designed, but it just wasn’t as cool as the roomba, nor as handy.

I had to empty it of dirty water and fill it with clean water every time i wanted to use it. It didn’t come with a docking station, and instead needed to be physically plugged in between uses. The floor was wet after it cleaned, despite it using vacuuming and squeegie technology.

Its a neat gadget, and someday this type of technology will revolutionize our lives, but for now it makes more work for the owner, not less.

Really? Mine has been going strong for over a year.

Here’s what its going for on ebay:

Ebay Results: Roomba Scooba

in case anyone was interested…

Less than six months for my battery.

True. I have to spend 5 minutes emptying out the dirty water, washing out a few parts, and filling it with clean water and solution, and charging it.

I’d rather spend 45 minutes filling up a bucket with solution, mopping my floor, emptying out the dirty water from the bucket, rinsing out the dirty mop.

The latter is so much less work.