iRobot Scooba 5806 Floor Washing Robot Bundle

It will fill the cracks with water. definitely qualifies as wet, not damp.

Wow. Whoever came up with that copy, is to be commended. That was a fine piece of writing, indeed.

It cleans floors when in the mood, I got someone home that does that when in the mood. I would think about it if it did windows!

It leaves a thin film of water on the floor. If I’m in a hurry I sometimes press the clean button once or twice after it thinks it’s done to suck up a bit more. The floor then takes about 15 minutes to dry completely.

I love it, but got a refurb here for $99, this is a bit pricey.

And yes, it works fine on sealed stone. Don’t believe Paulson.

Save some money, buy refurb. They need lovin too.

I’ve had a Scooba for past 9 months - bought referb from Woot to see if I liked it.

I really like mine for the tile floors - did a good job for me. Much easier on the back than mopping motion. It died, so I ordered one from Hammacher Schleemer & have had problems with the battery - iRobot is sending a new battery. I paid $300, but I wanted lifetime warranty, because I like the product very much. Do wish they were more reliable.

Hope this info helps.

I love my scooba, but I can’t find scooba juice except from iRobot. Yeah, I know I don’t NEED Scooba juice, but they went to all the trouble of making it…you think it would be easier to buy…

I can say with the sincerest intentions that Scooba’s are by far THE WORST product I have ever owned. I presently have 2 broken one’s in my house.

Did they break while using them? No.

These were sent as replacements from Irobot and they have never worked. In the past 2 years, we’ve returned a non functioning Scooba 6 times. We’re done. They just sit in the closet dead.

Whether it’s battery cycle issues where the thing won’t power itself or it’s hose issues where the solution won’t pass through hose these things will definitely break.

I dare you to find one person out there who can claim they own a Scooba and use it once a week since the day they have bought it and it works perfectly.

Save your money. Stay away.

Buy a mop.

The battery went out first and then the pump went out. Sent a replacement to me and the battery went again. Could be user error I guess… did an awesome job on the tile but was not happy with the battery which cost $40 for a new one.

ack. I did not mean to double post. I have a cat who thinks the mouse is a toy, and he keeps jumping on me.

Send me the broken ones.

I would be very wary of buying an iRobot product. Consider this shocking story, recently published by a Major News Organization:

Roomba Violates All Three Laws Of Roombotics

CHARLOTTE, NC — A top-of-the-line, third-generation Roomba Scheduler robotic floor-cleaning vacuum purchased in January by 35-year-old claims adjuster Ken Graney has inexplicably broken all three laws of Roombotics, a simple yet vital protocol programmed into every Roomba by its manufacturer, iRobot.

“The vacuum cleaner is out of control,” Graney said about the malfunctioning model 4260, which he suspects of behaving in a “blatantly unethical” way that perverts its original mission. “I’m afraid to be in my own house. The constant, ceaseless cleaning.”

The laws of Roombotics, published on iRobot’s website, are basic ethical rules governing Roomba conduct. The first law states that the device “must not suck up jewelry or other valuables, or through inaction, allow valuables to be sucked up.” The second law prescribes that Roomba “must obey vacuuming orders given to it by humans except when such orders would conflict with the first law.” The third and final law authorizes a Roomba to “protect its own ability to suction dust and debris as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second law.”

Graney alleged that 4260 broke the first law just two weeks after he purchased it.

“I noticed that a pair of heirloom cufflinks had gone missing,” Graney said. “Two days later, I found them in the Roomba’s debris bin.”

“I don’t even want to think about how the thing got up on the dresser,” he added.

Graney said that other items soon followed, including his keys, a wristwatch, and loose change totaling $14.72. “I found all of them days later, wiped free of dust and arranged in neat, cryptic patterns on a side table near my front door, which, I admit, was a more logical place for them,” Graney said. “The Roomba is designed only to vacuum. But could it have also learned…to tidy up?”

Shortly after this incident, the 4260 began to exhibit behavior that directly conflicted with the second law, when its power switch would not respond to Graney’s repeated pressings.

“I’m positive it knew I was trying to shut it off—it somehow jammed its power switch,” Graney said, describing his many attempts to capture and immobilize the Roomba. “Then I noticed that its charger had gone missing.”

Graney said he has still not found the Roomba’s charger, which he believes is the key to stopping the vacuum cleaner. He also cannot find its barrier-creating electronic “virtual wall,” which could explain why, three weeks ago, Graney spotted the Roomba vacuuming on the lower floor of his split-level, despite the fact that he had never placed it there. Roombas are programmed to avoid stairs.

“I hardly even see it any more, but I know it’s around,” Graney said. “I hear its horrible brushes at night.”

According to Graney, the cleaning frenzy had intensified by early April, by which time the rogue unit had apparently violated the third law. Though Graney rarely saw the Roomba, he noticed that his walls and even ceilings were free of cobwebs and grime, and his curtains appeared crisp and unwrinkled, as though they had been steam-cleaned. The most eerie discovery, Graney said, was a collection of towels and underwear that had apparently been gathered from the basement clothes dryer and neatly folded on his bed.

Soon, even Graney’s lawn, bushes, and the walkway leading to his front door were completely free of dead leaves and other yard debris.

The troubled homeowner now fears that he is living on borrowed time, saying that “it’s only a matter of days, if not hours” before the still-unaccounted-for Roomba will target him.

“I’m the chief source of the stray hairs and dead skin cells it wants to eliminate,” Graney said. “It must have figured out by now that I’m the ultimate household allergen.”

The significance of the Roomba’s anomalous behavior is the subject of much debate in the Roombotics world. Some within the academic community claim it foreshadows a grim, immaculate dystopia to come.

“This is just the beginning,” said MIT researcher Harrison Lowell, a leading Roombotics ethicist. “In 50 years humans will be prisoners in their own homes, living in constant fear of tracking mud through the dining room or scuffing the kitchen floor.”

Nice description…

But what’s going on in Washington right now is totally nuts! Paulson (no joke) was on bended knee tonight pleading for the deal to go through. It’s like something out of a scary movie.

Linens and Things and/or Bed Bath and Beyond has them. I buy about 5 bottles at once and use 20% off total order coupons.

I bought three bottles of Scooba Juice on eBay, easy to find, not expensive, lasts forever if you use only half the amount they suggest. I’ve also seen it at Linens & Things and Bed Bath & Beyond, but not as cheap.

$35.99 for 5 bottles on Amazon

I wanted to spend 150 dollars on this got authorization from my gf… but I have never seen this model for this price… I know some people say they suck but Im a busy person and i Dont have 45 minutes to mop my floors I do have time to put water in and walk away though. Should I buy a refurbish or should I spend the 30 bucks and buy new?

swimming pools, gutters…


You’re right. I use mine twice a week for a year and it has had no problems.

Send me your old ones. It would be fun to make them work.

Either one. If you have to ask permission from your girlfriend then you have bigger problems.