iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot
$229.99+ $5 shipping

1 iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot 5900

That figures…just bought one for $300 last week…bah

Wow thats the coolest, how are these on hardwood floors?

Already have one and im not impressed with its performence

I wouldnt trust that thing to wash my floors… decent price though I guess.

So uh…was “Kitchenba” taken? :slight_smile:


Fire the maid and buy the Scooba??

I REALLY REALLY want one of these…

if this is anything like the roomba, it’s a grerat woot

You have to be joking! I will buy a mop at Wal-Mart before I spend 200+ on this! Good Night…

Still lookin’ for a trade on my Roomba…

I wonder about those things though… Are there many copies? do they look and feel human? Do they have a plan?

BizRate has it from $250 at 11 stores.

Shopzilla has it from $250 at 19 stores.

MSN Shopping has it for around $300… 7 stores.

Nextag’s got it from $280… 5 stores.

CNET’s average user rating is 8.4.

I registered for one of these for my wedding, but didn’t get one. But i was scared of how effective, or ineffective, it might end up being. So i was happy when we didn’t end up getting it. How long does it take to vacuum a 40’x40’ room? Does anyone have experience with it? How often does it miss spots and how big are the spots it misses?

2 much 4 me,maybe tomorrow,nite everyone.

Has anyone bought this in the past and how well does it work on no wax floors.

Ooohh so tempting, I love my Roomba and I’d probably like this. I’ll wait a few years though, for I fear that, if I act now, robots might take over my house and eventually eat my sweet sweet brains.

Wow! Until I listened to todays wootcast - I never knew how hardcore the Scooba was.

When my parents were visiting in late June they bought one of these. Figuring they’d see if it worked, they ran it on my very dirty floors many times.

I will tell you it did exactly as advertised. The floors have never looked better, including after having a maid clean them. Even after several cleanings it was still getting dirt.

Now, cleaning the filters isn’t fun, but it’s still a lot less work than mopping, and more effective. I do wish it could use other cleaning fluids, but that is a minor issue.

These can be used on hardwood but NOT on wood laminate floors.

how’s it on tile?

if the scooba and roomba mated, would the offspring be able to do both features?


Not sure about the Scooba, but I own 2 Roombas, and they are outstanding. If I had a job, I’d probably give this a shot. You go, Woot!

P.S. Ditto to the “when’s the next wootoff?” question.