iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot




Froogle Link Minimum Price $245.00

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $279.99

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $279.99

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 4/5 Stars

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Shopzilla has 16 stores to choose from

BizRate has 10 stores to choose from has 10 stores to choose from

MSN Shopping has 7 stores to choose from

CNET has a 8.6 user rating… Amazon has it at 4 out of 5 stars…

… good woot… amazing value… highly regarded product… get it if you have the desire… also… here’s a … Juicer Buying Guide from Shopzilla… cuz if you’re gonna clean your house… you might as well clean your insides as well… wheat grass banana fig shake… here i come.


I got one of these a couple of months ago. I am thrilled with it and my Roombas! Highly recommend!


Lowest price I could find outside of this was about $40 more plus shipping… good price… but not needed.


Ahh its back, pricing…

SecretPrices … $284.98

Froogle … $279.99

PriceGrabber … $284.99

These things are like those nasty, annoying bugs. The more you squash them, the more they somehow seem to multiply.


anybody got one of these?
Woot seems to have alot of these, and makes me wonder if they actually work.


Awesome, awesome woot!!! The only thing is to make sure your kitchen cabnets aren’t too low, otherwise it may be hard for it to get into the cracks!


Alright. I have been waiting for this one! My wife, she has been most insistent on the scooba. When are you getting a scooba, where is the scooba, why aren’t you getting the scooba now, and so on.


and we should program them to do the cleaning at midnight central time too? lol at all the cleaning robots


does the manufacturing plant for these things just pump them right into the woot warehouse? seriously getting tired of seeing them.


iRobot must be paying Woot a ton of money for these things to appear so frequently.


Amazon: $299.95
iRobot: $399.99


Will it swim with me?


I know this is a good deal and all, but I’d rather live like a slob than pay $200 for this.


Sounds too familiar. Just ordered one while she’s sitting next to me and she doesn’t know it. Wouldn’t hurt to look over to her right a little bit :smiley:


Wow. I may have grossly misjudged the clinetele that woot has if they can sell these this often. I’d think they could sell these once or twice a year, not every month.

Maybe the deal is sooooo good that folks come from all over to buy them here. I’m not sure, but iRobot seems to have something they like in the way Woot sells their products. Strange relationship if you ask me. I never saw it coming.

Its like when that popular boy at school, the one with all the new cool things and cutting edge fashion decides to take the Math Club President to the Prom. You are wondering then…was he really that cool, should she have been cooler? It muddies the water for both parties and brings into suspicion their true level of coolness.

Yes Woot!, I’m calling you out. We expect you to date sexier women!


WTF am I going to do with an iBOT floor cleaner??? Just get an iGF and put her to work !


got one of these a little bit ago but returned it because it left streak marks and didnt dry the floor well enough…but it still cleans and is a good product if you dont mind waiting a little longer for it to dry


OH WOW!!! An iRobot!!! i’ve never seen one of these on woot before. what an original woot!! I’m so glad woot! can mix and match the variety of items they sell. this is why i check everynight. it must have been 4 or 5 woots since we’ve all seen one of these. what’s woot! without an iRobot every week. it would just be another website amoungst millions. wow, i’m so excited. wow…