iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

What happened? I thought I bought this but it doesn’t show up in my account. Anyone know what happened?

Wow that was fast

Maybe it’s just slow to catch up.

Or you might not have gotten one… Sometimes it takes a while, but if it doesn’t show up and you don’t get an email, you didn’t get one.

This was a GREAT deal. At least $250 on eBay.

I clicked, I want one right away. I hope I got it; unfortunately I don’t think I did.
I have been mopping my floor today for 3 hours and I’m still not done. Too much tile. Man, do I need one of these!!!

This was the one thing I had been waiting for in this woot-off, and it’s gone before I even see it. Screw the oBOC, bring back more scoobas!

I agree!!!

I got one of these last month, and used it for the first time this week - and it’s GREAT!! WELL worth the price, and it was $100 more at TARGET!!!

Yep, we got in on one and this was what we were waiting for. Thankfully my cubicle neighbor alerted me or I would have missed it.

My sister has no carpet and three animals. This rocks.

I don’t know how I missed it. I clicked “I want one”, filled out the how many page, got to the processing page, went back to today’s woot and there was still about 1/4 left. I’m so bummed!! I’ve been waiting for this since the last woot off. It was going to be my Hannukah present to myself. Oh well :frowning:

Wow 390 units gone under 1 minute?

I don’t know how I managed to be one of the successful orderers, but I am SO glad I made it. I’ve been wanting one ever since I got my Roomba. I have 925 sq ft of nothing but hardwood floors and tile…and dog knows I’m not gonna mop or scrub it.

Anyone had this ship yet?

Anxiously awaiting…having lots of company next week, sure would like to have this before then 'cause who has time to scrub floors???

Here is the most recent update that was sent by woot customer service to me
this morning.

“The scooba orders should be shipped out today. The roomba we haven’t been able to get shipped out as of yet. We have been working overtime to make sure everything is shipped out by this weekend, so hopefully they will be delivered by Christmas.”

I replied back with a thank you for the update and added that it would be nice to get a screaming monkey as a bonus for the delays. Who Knows? maybe the woot! staff will surprise us with a freebie for our troubles?

I may need to give one of my kids a brush and a hand vac and snap a plastic cover over them in the meantime.

I just received my tracking number. Fedex says delivery tomorrow, but I doubt it since they say no more than data transmitted to them on the 13th.

I recieved my tracking number today too. My Roomba still hasnt been shipped and I bought it the day before the Scooba :frowning: I did get a email saying both items are being shipped today.