iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

Does anyone know how it does on wood laminate flooring?

Oh, thanks. Now I’m going to be up all night watching for them.

SCOOBA should be a cool acronym like SCUBA.

SCOOBA = Self-Contained Over Oak (or other flooring) Brushing Apparatus?

This is clever but that price tag??? Outta my range.

I have both Roomba and Scooba both have lasted years, but the batteries don’t and they are VERY expensive…Almost cheaper to by a new one.It would be a great product if IRobot could figure out a better battery…or maybe Woot could sell replacement batteries

The 330 hasn’t been that bad. Older models left puddles here and there but I have yet to find a puddle with this one.

First I saw your ‘2 years’ quote and I was like, “Hah. What does this guy know. Let me set him straight. Woot sells roomba’s and scoomba’s like all the livelong day.” But then I looked back and it turns out that you’re right. I should’ve known better than to doubt someone with no vowels in their username.

Can you store this next to a Roomba? Or will they try to eliminate each other like Beta fish if put in the same tank err closet?

I loved mine–it was AMAZING! If I hadn’t just bought the roomba to replace one I wore out, I’d buy this. (Yes, I killed mine, but it was a workhorse and did MILES of floors before dying.) This does a MUCH better job than you do!

They cohabitate. I stored my roomba on top of my scooba.

YouTube videos:



How is a $40 battery (new on ebay) “almost cheaper” than a new one which typically costs over $300?

Anyway, love both my roomba and scooba. Here’s a tip: when you run out of cleaning solution, if you don’t want to buy more, get some white distilled vinegar ($3 for a large jug at walmart or wherever), use 2 oz. of the vinegar and the rest warm water and it’ll clean just fine (shake it up first).

If my floor is really dirty, will it still do a good job cleaning it? Or is it more for upkeep cleaning, like on a regular basis?

Anybody know how well this would work on concrete floors? I live in a loft and this would be a great alternative to a space hog mop and bucket.

They break.

Then their very nice customer service sends you another one in the mail and that one breaks.

Then they send you a 3rd one in the mail that is DOA.

Then you get a 4th one where they forgot to properly connect a hose inside that you now need to go in and poke a microscopic hole through otherwise the fluid can’t pass through the hose allowing the unit to work.

Then the battery dies and won’t recharge and they send you the little battery charger kit that is supposed to cycle the battery charge and that fails.

Then they send you a new battery and it works once and then it breaks.

Then it collects dust underneath a counter and you wonder how much you could get for it broken on ebay.

Buy a Swiffer and burn a couple of calories.

You can thank me later.

It will do both–and I ONLY used the vinegar.

I am so happy to see this one on here. Perfect timing. Just convinced the wife three days ago that we needed one and she agreed.

If i have a rug on my wood floors, will this scooba go up on my carpet like the roomba’s do?

I have Pergo wood laminate. Works beautifully. I use mine all the time. It has never used or left behind enough water to warp or damage it in any way.

The Scooba does a better job than I ever could on a typical mop job. I think I have only had to pre-clean an area a few times due to a super-messy spill.

I highly recommend this product.

I have an older model Scooba.

The Scooba itself is really, really cool. It arrived one day after I’d mopped the floor, so I thought I’d try it out. The water that came out of the dirty tank when it was done was nasty black. It’s not that I don’t do a good job (well, maybe it is,) but that Scooba doesn’t re-use dirty water. Once it’s sucked into the dirty tank, it’s done.

Try that with a mop.

Here’s the bad part: iRobot support has been downright horrible the past couple of years. I’ve kept my Scooba going by finding used parts online and fixing it myself, but all of my Roombas are dead, and iRobot won’t even do anything about the ones that are under warranty. They come up with some hair-brained story about why the warranty doesn’t apply, and once they told me “Well, you’ll just have to buy a new Roomba!”

Well, no, I don’t.

I’m thinking about this, but I know there’s no support behind that 1 year warranty.